The Best Of: Friends To Lovers Films

Friends to lovers is one the best tropes out there and I will die on this hill. Maybe I am a little biased as my life is basically this trope, but honestly who doesn’t love it? Some of my favourite films are friends to lovers romcoms as I’m a sappy romantic apparently. But hey I’m not ashamed of it. 

My plan for this series is to talk about either one or two films per post depending on how much I have to say about them. Apologies that this one is so short, I didn’t have long to write it!

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) 

An absolute teen classic. This isn’t my absolute favourite friends to lovers story as I like it when they’ve been friends for years and then suddenly realise they have romantic feelings. Also were Robbie and Georiga really friends before they started liking each other? Not really, but I love this film and it is an absolute comfort watch for me.  

One of the biggest reasons why I love this film so much is because of the nostalgia it makes me feel. I remember when it first came out and there was a lot of controversy surrounding it, which to be fair it was a bit raunchy for Nickelodeon. It did, however, make me feel very grown up and it was a sleepover staple for me and my friends in secondary school.

Looking back at it now, Georgia is actually very toxic and this film is not a good representation of healthy relationships or friendships.

I did a (very) in-depth review of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging a couple of months ago if you want to read it here

Synopsis: An eccentric but loveable teenage girl maintains a diary about the ups and downs of being a teenager and tries to overcome the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Starring: Georgia Groome & Aaron Taylor Johnson

LOL (2012)

This isn’t the best film ever made, however it also holds a lot of nostalgia for me. I think when it came out I felt very mature watching this, as even though it’s a 12, it felt much older. Plus this was the era when everyone was obsessed with Miley Cyrus. 

The friends to lovers arc in this film is super cute. However, I always wondered why she was with the other guy at the start when her best friend (Douglas Booth) is so flipping gorgeous. Make it make sense! 

I think the reason why I love this so much is because of the bits in Paris. I love almost any film with Paris in it.

Synopsis: Lola, a teenager, learns to deal with the ups and downs of adolescent life, relationships, misunderstandings, friends and her single mother, who is shocked when she learns about her lifestyle.

Starring: Miley Cyrus & Douglas Booth

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