The Best Of: My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #3

I’m going to be honest with you and say I haven’t watched many gaming videos on YouTube lately. At the moment I’m super into watching old vlogs and honestly none of the gaming YouTubers I watch are uploading much right now. I do have plans to find some new YouTubers to watch though.

Minecraft – WorsePremadeEver

Episodes: 8

I discovered WorsePremadeEver a couple of months ago and I’ve been pretty obsessed with them since. They are honestly the funniest group of people in the world, it’s pure British humour. Do be warned that they do swear a lot and talk about very adult things so not suitable for kids. 

The Minecraft, or ‘Ragecraft’ as they call it, series is some of the funniest content on YouTube. I don’t enjoy playing Minecraft but I love watching other people play it, especially when they are this funny. 

If you’re in need of a good laugh then you should definitely check out WorsePremadeEver, there hasn’t been a single video I haven’t actually laughed out loud at yet.

Stray – Jacksepticeye 

Episodes: 3

This game is so flipping cute and who better to watch play a game about a cat than YouTube’s best cat dad? Jack’s commentary for this game is super cute but also very funny. 

The cat animation on this game is insane and I really, really love the art direction. All of the settings are stunning and honestly, this had a much better story to it than I thought it would.

I may watch this series again soon as it’s actually quite cosy and I’m in the mood for that kind of vibe. 

Not So Berry Challenge – Clare Siobhán

Episodes: 219 

Clare has got to be one of the best Sims YouTubers. She’s so good at building characters and fleshed out storylines. Obviously this series is based on a challenge so the storyline is partly there, but she adds so much more to it. 

I’ve been watching her so quite some time now, but this was the first series I watched from start to finish as it came out. The not so berry challenge is a 10-generation challenge based around colours and while I like the whole of the series, the first couple of generations were my favourite. 

If you love really long series then you should definitely check out Clare.

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