What I Listened To: October 2022

My listening habits have multiplied tenfold in October. At the end of September, I started working from home, so now I’m listening to music pretty much all day every day. Got to get them streams in before the Spotify-wrapped count is finalised. 

Dover Beach by Baby Queen

I’ve been obsessed with this song and Baby Queen ever since Heartstopper came out earlier this year. Dover Beach is already one of my most listened-to songs of all time, which speaks for itself really. 

Until We Go Down by Ruelle 

I’m fully back in my Ruelle phase. She was all I listened to like six years ago but I don’t like her newer releases as much so I stopped listening to her as much. I’ve always had some of her tracks on my ‘faves’ playlist, but I’m now properly listening to her again. 

Every time I listen to this track it makes me think of The Shannara Chronicles and then I get sad that it was cancelled.

The Summit by Spiritbox

This album is my most listened-to of all time and I only listened to it for the first time last December. Thank you to my boyfriend for the recommendation. 

Nobody Really Cares by Baby Queen 

I’d be surprised if any future what I listened to posts don’t feature Baby Queen. She’s my current obsession and it’s not going to go away any time soon. 

Pretty Girl Lie by Baby Queen

This and American Dream are my current favourite Baby Queen songs. Obviously, I love Dover Beach but those two are just as good. 

Favourite Podcast Episode of The Month

I’ve literally just listened to this episode of Sh**gged Married Annoyed and oh boy was it a good one. My favourite part was definitely Chris not being recognised at his own show. The snippet of the live show was also really cool to hear. 

Yes, I am still massively behind and honestly, I haven’t been listening to podcasts very much this month.

If you have any podcast recommendations, especially ones about books, then please let me know!

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