What I Watched: October 2022

Surprisingly I haven’t watched many TV shows or films in October. Usually, I’m all over seasonal watches and I have so many Halloween-themed films that I love. But sadly, life got in the way and I just haven’t had time. Maybe on Monday, I’ll sneak in a couple of films.

This may mean you’re thinking ‘why not wait til then to post this?’. Well, I have a fun Halloween-themed post coming out that day. 


I’ve basically only watched the films I reviewed this month. Every time I set myself the task of doing a lot of ‘re-watch reviews’ I forget just how long they take to write. I do enjoy them though. 

I kicked off the month with Halloweentown which is a tradition for me by now. It’s a film I’ve been watching since I was little and I think I’ve watched it every year since. Check out my review of it here if you want.

Next, I watched Hocus Pocus which is an absolute classic. Great film, with so many funny moments. I’m yet to watch the second one yet though, but maybe on Monday. Here’s the review if you want to read it.

I really wanted to do Casper Meets Wendy for my review series but I couldn’t find it anywhere (sad), so I reviewed the first one instead as I have it on DVD. There isn’t as much nostalgia with the first film for me unfortunately but I still like it. 

Now Coraline isn’t actually a Halloween film, but it’s creepy and I love it. Every time I watch it I notice something new and honestly it’s such a good film. Especially when I’m reviewing it, I’ve never thought about it in that way before.

TV Shows 

So that fun Halloween post I mentioned, it’s a review of the first episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This may not be exciting for you, but it’s one of my favourite shows ever and I thought what better show to start on Halloween? 

The only other show I’ve been watching is Family Reunion on Netflix. I watched the first couple of seasons last year I think and suddenly there are now loads of seasons. I had no idea. It’s such a funny show and I really recommend it if you are into family-based sitcoms.


I haven’t been watching Twitch streams so much this month, but Miles Robbins has been playing The Quarry and I am loving it. If you don’t know he’s in the game and he’s been playing it with his cast mates. There’s another stream tomorrow which sadly I will miss as I’m shooting a gig, but I can watch it back.

I said I wanted to watch loads of Halloween and Autumn content in October, but that did not happen. Instead, I’ve actually been watching Christmas content. Which I know sounds crazy, but I find watching old Vlogmasses so comforting, and I’ve really not been having a great time recently. Please don’t judge me.

Sorry that this is such a short post, usually I’m having to apologise for it being ridiculously long. The next couple of months (hopefully) will be filled with me bingeing films so bring on the festive content!

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