Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S1-EP5

Episode Synopsis

Cinnamon’s Wake: Lorelai admits she has feelings for someone. Meanwhile, Rory has a budding relationship of her own that is moving forward.


Lauren Graham – Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel – Rory Gilmore

Melissa McCarthy – Sookie St. James

Keiko Agena – Lane Kim

Yanic Truesdale – Michel Gerard

Scott Patterson – Luke Danes

Kelly Bishop – Emily Gilmore

Jared Padalecki – Dean Forester

Best Character

Rory is a complete bumbling idiot in this episode and it’s really cute even though I really don’t like Dean. 

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

I feel like Patty really shines in this episode – eating food in the store without paying for it, flirting with Kirk and then comforting Babette after Cinamon died to the point where Babette couldn’t breathe. Her best line “Oh, well, if it isn’t Kirk the jerk.”

Favourite Scene

I hate Lorelai and Max together but the scene in the coffee shop where Lorelai is really making Max work for it is so good. She’s so effortlessly charming.

Morey playing Cinnamon’s song at the wake and Miss Patty is casually playing a drum. Where did she get it? Did she bring it with her? If yes, why did she bring it with her?

Best Quotes/Lines 

PATTY: Rory! Hello. Try a plum. They’re better than sex.

RORY: Um, no, thanks. 

PATTY: Fresh fruit always has such a sensuality about it. Are you too young for this?

RORY: Definitely.

You can always count on Miss Patty to say something entirely inappropriate yet hilarious. What makes it funnier is Rory is only in the store because she has a crush on Dean so hearing this from Miss Patty must have been mortifying. 

MICHEL: You are mourning a cat?


MICHEL: They lick their privates, these cats.

Oh, Michel you never fail to make me laugh. I get where he’s coming from a funeral for a cat is slightly weird, but hey I’d probably do the same if Cinnamon was mine. 

Favourite Outfit 

We all know Lorelai is a fashion icon, however, there weren’t any stand-out outfits for me in this episode. Well unless I’m allowed to count Cinnamon’s ‘ride’ which is a very fancy-looking cart.

Thoughts/Opinions That Don’t Fit Into A Specific Category 

There’s a weird tension between Luke and Sookie in this episode that is both weird and hilarious. I feel like after this point it isn’t really brought up or present again which makes it so much funnier. They’re literally fighting over food at a cat’s funeral. 

The majority of this episode isn’t funny as it’s literally about a cat funeral, which I’m aware sounds kind of funny, so this post is much shorter than I thought it would be. I’ve also decided to only include the ‘best musical moment’ category when the episode actually has music outside of the opening track and transitions.

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