The Best Of: Graphic Novel Covers #2

I’m really enjoying graphic novels right now and not just because of their great covers, although those are a plus. As I’ve got a ton of festive arcs to read before December begins I’m heavily relying on graphic novels for content. Hence why I am doing another best graphic novel covers post. 

I am always open to new graphic novel recommendations, you get double points if they are on Kindle Unlimited! 

Thieves by Lucie Bryon 

I was actually given a copy of this graphic novel to review (read it here) and while I wasn’t overly sold on the story, I loved the art style. The colour palette of Thieves, although quite muted, really works in its favour. The character designs are also super cute.

Synopsis: Ella can’t seem to remember a single thing from the party the night before at a mysterious stranger’s mansion, and she sure as heck doesn’t know why she’s woken up in her bed surrounded by a magpie’s nest of objects that aren’t her own. And she can’t stop thinking about her huge crush on Madeleine, who she definitely can’t tell about her sudden penchant for kleptomania… But does Maddy have secrets of her own? Can they piece together that night between them and fix the mess of their chaotic personal lives in time to form a normal, teenage relationship? That would be nice.

The Heartstopper Yearbook by Alice Oseman

Does this count as a graphic novel? It’s about one and it is mostly pictures so I’m saying yes. It is an absolute joy to see my favoruite characters printed in colour for the first time. This book looks absolutely stunning on my shelves (I have a dedicated Alice Oseman section) and the cover is just *chef’s kiss*

Synopsis:  The full-colour Heartstopper Yearbook is packed full of exclusive content from the Heartstopper universe – including never-before-seen illustrations, an exclusive mini-comic, a look back at Alice’s Heartstopper artwork over the years, character profiles, trivia, and insights into her creative process – all narrated by a cartoon version of Alice herself.

Nightmare in Savannah by Lela Gwen

This was one of those graphic novels where the cover is much better than what’s inside. Unfortunately, the story didn’t click with me (read my review here), but the art style is wonderful. The cover (and title) is what really drew me into Nightmare in Savannah and I think we can all agree that this is a great one. 

Synopsis: Alexa moves to Savannah to get away from her past. Too bad her past is a Google search away and her parent’s criminal acts quickly make her an outcast. Good thing Fae, Chloe, & Skye aren’t high on the social ladder and give Alexa a group to feel comfortable in. But after a long night of debauchery they transform into the town’s worst nightmare; Fairies.

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