The Best Of: Games That Should Have Adaptations #2

I spend the majority of my days interacting with video games in some way whether that be playing them or watching playthroughs on YouTube. Which always gets me thinking about the games that should have adaptations. 

Every time I think about doing one of these posts I want to include games like Until Dawn and The Quarry but technically they’re already like films as they are mostly cinematic sequences. 

This may be the last post in this series either ever or at least for a while as I’ve pretty much exhausted all of the good ones I can think of. 

Resident Evil 7 & 8

I know what you’re thinking there are loads of Resident Evil adaptations, however, I want one that’s actually good. Personally, I quite liked the Netflix show, but it wasn’t great for people who don’t know a lot about the franchise already. 

The perfect adaptation for me would be focussed on the story of games seven and eight. I love the Winters’ story and their two games have some of the best atmospheres in the franchise. 

There is so much lore in both seven and eight so I think it would make a really great TV show, but I don’t think I’d trust Netflix with anything Resident Evil again. I think maybe HBO would be the best, but let’s wait and see how good The Last of Us adaptation is first. 

God of War

This is a game I would constantly see everywhere did never paid it any attention. Until recently when the new one came out and I decided to start watching a playthrough of the first one. I haven’t finished it yet because it’s really long, but I’m already obsessed and also surprised that an adaptation hasn’t been made yet. 

A couple of years ago there were so many Norse-themed shows and films but for some reason, this wasn’t adapted. Personally, I think it would make an amazing film, potentially even a show. 

The combat scenes are incredible and it’s packed full of so much lore there’s more than enough content for an adaptation. I feel like in a few years we will be seeing a God of War adaptation just please don’t cast someone like Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel as Kratos.

Shadow of The Colossus 

Now here is a game with impressive visuals. I feel like this is a bit more niche as it’s not very popular anymore, however, I really like it. Whenever I think about seeing really good CGI Colossus’ I quite literally get chills. 

Although there isn’t very much dialogue in this game I think they could adapt it well. I mean look at the first season of The Witcher; Geralt doesn’t speak that often and it still worked. That might not be the same here as there are technically like four characters in Shadow of The Colossus but it’s all about the vibes right?

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