My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #4

All I have done for the past week is watch gaming videos on YouTube, well pretty much. I’ve been looking through my favourite YouTuber’s channels, saving playlists of old playthroughs, and making my way through them. I’m having a great time. 

I have a very small circle of YouTubers I watch so if you have any recommendations then do let me know!

Misao – Markiplier 

Episodes: 9

Now this one is quite niche. I’m a HUGE fan of RPG horror maker games and personally, I think Misao is one of the best. Although do be warned they can get a bit frustrating to watch other people play as they always have puzzles. I’m not one of those people that gets annoyed though. Which is great because at times Mark is an absolute idiot. 

I’ll be honest and say I’m very late to the Markiplier train. I would watch random videos of his every now and again but was never fully committed. However, when I saw he’d played a bunch of RPG horror makers I knew I had to commit. 

Misao is a very entertaining series, but do be warned it covers some very heavy topics. This is partly why I enjoy Mark’s playthrough of it. He knew when to stop joking around and take the story seriously. After the serious stuff was out of the way he’d be back to his usual funny self which would bring the mood back up. 

This isn’t my favourite RPG horror maker game. It’s actually Ib, but I haven’t seen Mark’s playthrough yet and I watched Jacksepticeye’s so long ago that I can’t remember if it’s good or not. I’ll probably mention that one at some point. 

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