What I Watched: November 2022

Not going to lie, this month has been pretty much a no-go when it came to TV. I spent the majority of my time watching YouTube, I didn’t finish a single season of a show. I’ve been so busy with work, writing posts for Blogmas (more on that tomorrow) and making my way through a huge vlogmas playlist on YouTube. 


Honestly this section is pretty redundant this month. The only films I’ve watched are upcoming re-watch reviews and I don’t want to give away what they are, so no film talk from me this month. 

TV Shows

Attack on Titan

This is becoming a running joke at this point. Yep, I still have not finished this. I’m too in denial that this is the last season and I never want it to end, even if season 4 isn’t my fave. I just love it too much. 

I am slowly making my way through the episodes, I think I only have three left as I did watch a good chunk of them this month. Hopefully by new year I will be done!

The Umbrella Academy

Another running joke. Still have not finished this, I actually keep forgetting about it. Which is really bad because I do genuinely love this show and think it’s amazing but for some reason my brain is saying no. 

I also only have about three episodes left so I will force myself to finish it over Christmas. Wish me luck!


I have big love for Diego Luna. The show wasn’t quite what I was expecting, more politics heavy, but I did enjoy it. 

It was quite slow to start but the last few episodes were amazing. 

Young Royals

This show has my whole heart. I seriously cannot get enough of it. Which actually is a lie as I haven’t finished season 2 yet, I watch the Swedish version so I have to make sure i’m paying attention at all times – which my brain hates. 

I will try my best to finish it in December though!


I’ve already talked about it at the start of this post, but I’ve gone a little crazy with the festive content on YouTube. I’m crazy excited for Christmas this year and watching a bunch of old vlogmas videos makes me incredibly happy. I know it’s a bit sad, but I don’t care. 

I’ve also mentioned my recent obsession with God of War and I’ve spent many an hour this month watching Jacksepticeye make his way through the game. I finished the entire first one and I’m now onto Ragnorok. They are such good games. 

A couple of nights ago I started watching Jack’s playthrough of the latest Dark Pictures Anthology game, The Devil in Me. So far the game isn’t too great, they are always a little cringe to me, sorry Supermassive games. Their longer games; Until Dawn and The Quarry are incredible, but these shorter ones just don’t hit the same. 

Jack’s commentary is great though. I genuinely think he is one of the funniest people on YouTube. You can definitely tell he doesn’t like it yet. It’s quite funny.

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