Blogmas 2022

Welcome to Blogmas 2022!!

It’s that time of year again and I could not be happier about it.

Once again I am doing Blogmas, however, this year it doesn’t technically count because I’ve been posting every day for the last four months, but I’m still calling it Blogmas.

I anticipate the return of festive posts as soon as it reaches August, and this year I’m my most prepared yet. I don’t have every post written as that would be insane, I’m not that organised. But I do have half of them already. Pretty good if you ask me.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what Blogmas will consist of this year, as last year I basically did every post type you could think of and none of them are ones I can do a sequel to e.g top 5 Christmas songs. I now think I’ve come up with ideas that I can do every year and I’m sure I’ll think of even more new ones by next year.

So without further a do, here is my plan for Blogmas 2022:

The 12 Books of Christmas

An absolute staple on Young Creative Press by now. This is the third year I will be doing my ‘the 12 books of Christmas’ review series. I’m very impressed with myself for keeping it up for so long. Reviewing 12 books in one month is quite a lot really. Thankfully, I started reading them in October, so I’m actually already done!

The posting schedule for these will be the same as last year, with the reviews going up every other day. I found that posting them all together, like I did the first year was a bit much, I much preferred every other day.

This brings me to the next post type that will be filling in (some of) the gaps. Drum roll, please!

Christmas Classics

I’ve already talked about this a few times, but if you haven’t seen yet, I’m going to be reviewing classic Christmas films in the same style as my re-watch reviews. I’m a massive Christmas film lover so I can’t even tell how much fun these are.

The plan for posting these was originally going to be every other day, but I realised that’s a lot of films to do and also wouldn’t leave me with any good films to do in future Blogmas’s. Instead, I’m going to do eight films spread across the 25 days. I’m even going to post one on Christmas day!

Now this isn’t everything, oh no, there’s more.

Other festive posts

I’m also going to include some other festive posts, that are mostly book themed. I have a couple of days with no ideas yet, so if you have any ideas for festive posts do let me know. I pretty much exhausted all of my good ones last year.

I hope you are all as excited about Blogmas as I am. Let’s get started, shall we?

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