The Best Of: 2021 Festive Reads

I’ll be the first to admit that 2021 was not a great year for festive reads. So many of the books I reviewed were average at best, however, there were a few standout ones that I’m going to talk about today.

Underneath the Christmas Tree by Heidi Swain 

Heidi Swain is starting to become a favourite of mine. Underneath the Christmas Tree was one of my top reads from last year and I may or may not have read her 2022 festive romance (I have). 

Her characters are always very likeable and the small town settings are wonderful. 

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Synopsis: Wynter’s Trees is the home of Christmas. For the people of Wynmouth it’s where they get their family Christmas tree, and where Christmas truly comes to life.

But for Liza Wynter, it’s a millstone around her neck. It was her father’s pride and joy but now he’s gone, she can’t have anything to do with it. Until her father’s business partner decides to retire and she must go back to handle the transition to his son Ned.

When Liza arrives, she discovers a much-loved business that’s flourishing under Ned’s stewardship. And she’s happy to stay and help for the Christmas season, but then she has other plans. But will the place where she grew up make her change her mind? And can it weave its Christmas cheer around her heart…?

Every Day in December by Kitty Wilson 

This was the first festive book I read in 2021 and it was so cute. I loved how every chapter was one day of the month and watching the characters get a little bit closer every day was so sweet. 

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Synopsis: Two people. One month to fall in love.

Belle Wilde loves December. Yes, she’s just lost her job and Christmas is not a good time to find yourself ‘financially challenged’. And yes, her parents are still going on about the fact that she really should have it all together by now. But Belle believes that in December, magic can happen.

Rory Walters hates December. Whilst it looks like his life is together, he’s still reeling from a winter’s night five years ago when his life changed forever. Now back at home, he’s certain that this will be yet another Christmas to endure rather than enjoy.

But as midnight on December 31st draws closer, Belle and Rory’s time together is coming to an end. With a little help from a Christmas miracle could Belle find the one thing she really wants underneath the mistletoe?

The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan 

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Morgan’s festive novels so it should come as no surprise that I’m including one here. All of her books have this magic quality to them where you can’t help but get completely invested in the characters. 

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Synopsis: It was supposed to be Christy Sullivan’s perfect Christmas getaway—a trip to Lapland with her family and best friend, Alix. But facing a make-or-break marriage crisis, Christy desperately needs time alone with her husband. Her solution? Alix can take Christy’s little daughter to Lapland, and they will reunite there for Christmas Day. It’s a big ask, but what else are friends for?

There’s nothing Alix won’t do for Christy. But Christy’s request to save Christmas is giving Alix sleepless nights. She knows something is wrong, but for the first time ever, Christy isn’t talking. And even the Arctic temperatures in Lapland aren’t enough to dampen the seriously inconvenient sizzle Alix is developing for Zac, a fellow guest and nemesis from her past.

As secrets unravel and unexpected romance shines under the northern lights, can Christy and Alix’s Christmas escape give them the courage to fight for the relationships they really want, and save the precious gift of each other’s friendship?

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