Christmas Classics: The Santa Clause


By helping Santa Claus with a Christmas crisis, Scott unknowingly agrees to become the next Santa Claus. Now, he has to deal with a suspicious former wife while trying to keep his secret safe.


Tim Allen…Scott Calvin

Eric Lloyd…Charlie Calvin

David Krumholtz…Bernard the Elf

Wendy Crewson…Laura Miller

Judge Reinhold…Neil Miller

Paige Tamada…Judy the Elf

Best Character

If your favourite character isn’t Bernard then I don’t think we can be friends. Surely he’s everyone’s favourite, right? 

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

I love Judy the elf, but it has to go to Comet. He’s a bit weird looking, as are all of the reindeer in this film, but he’s funny. Which is quite the feat considering he can’t talk.

Favourite Scene

The funniest scene in The Santa Clause has to be the first Christmas eve where does actually know he’s Santa yet and he goes through the tiny chimney to deliver presents. Here he is questioned by a little girl about why he’s so skinny and won’t drink the milk. What makes this scene so funny is the fact that it comes back to bite him in the future. He claims to be lactose intolerant, so the little girl leaves him soy milk the next year.

Best Quotes/Lines 

CHARLIE: Whoa, Dad! You’re flying!

SCOTT: It’s okay, I’m used to it. I lived through the ’60s.

This went right over my head as a child. Pretty funny now though.

SCOTT: You know, you look pretty good for your age.

ELF JUDY: Thanks, but I’m seeing someone in wrapping.

This is the line that makes me love Judy.

ELF JUDY: [explaining her hot cocoa recipe] Not too hot. *Extra* chocolate. Shaken, not stirred.

I love to imagine that she goes absolutely mad with hot chocolate in a cocktail shaker. This absolutely is not what happens, but it’s a funny image.

SCOTT: Where is he?

LAURA: Well, he could be listening to records jumping up and down on his bed wearing a red hat and galloshes.

SCOTT: I don’t care what Neil’s doing. Where’s Charlie?

Speaks for itself really. I love the funny remarks Scott has for Neil. Serves him right for being a non-believer.

Most Iconic Outfit 

The Satna outfit in this film is one of my favourites ever. It looks so warm and cosy, I definitely want that coat for myself.

Best Musical Moment

Bernard tells Scott he needs to check the list. To which he asks ‘what list?’. Bernard then starts whispering the lyrics, “He’s making a list,” then Charlie yells, “He’s checking it twice.” Then every elf in Santa’s workshop sings “Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice”. It’s not massively musical, but it’s very funny. Plus this film doesn’t really have any music in it.

Final Thoughts and Fun Facts

There are hidden elves throughout the entire film. The first one you see is when Scott and Charlie go to Denny’s. There is also one in Charlie’s class, they are the only person that doesn’t laugh at him when he says his dad is Santa.

When Scott is in denial he wears black converse shoes, but then wears red converse shoes later in the movie when he fully embraces being Santa.

I do really love this film. It’s one that I watch most years, including the rest of the series. I’m not sure which one is my favourite though.

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