Christmas Classics: The Muppet Christmas Carol


Scrooge, an old miser who dislikes Christmas, is visited by spirits who foretell his future and share secrets from his past and present, which helps change his view on life.


Michael Caine…Scrooge

Dave Goelz…The Great Gonzo / Robert Marley / Bunsen Honeydew / Betina Cratchit

Steve Whitmire…Rizzo the Rat / Bean Bunny / Kermit the Frog / Beaker / Belinda Cratchit

Jerry Nelson…Tiny Tim Cratchit / Jacob Marley / Ghost of Christmas Present

Frank Oz…Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear / Sam Eagle / Animal

William Todd-Jones…Ghost of Christmas Past / Additional Muppets 

Jessica Fox…Ghost of Christmas Past 

Best Character

Rizzo the Rat is a relatable king. He’s the funniest character by far and the fact that he’s ‘just there for the food’ is what sells it for me. 

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

I actually don’t know who to choose for this one, I like Tiny Tim because he’s cute, but the talking vegetables are very funny.

Favourite Scene

Gonzo uses Rizzo to clean a window and he says “Thank you for making me a part of this”. I don’t know why that moment is so funny, but it gets me every time.

Best Quotes/Lines 

This film doesn’t have many funny moments and most of my favourite lines in films are usually comedic ones. There are a few funny moments though, but a lot of The Muppet Christmas Carol is actually quite serious.

[an urchin steals a talking vegetable] 

Vegetable: Hey, I’m being stolen! Hey, help me! Help me!

There’s something about vegetables being sentient and being aware they are being stolen that is very funny to me. 

Gonzo: Hello! Welcome to the Muppet Christmas Carol! I am here to tell the story.

Rizzo the Rat: And I am here for the food.

Rizzo the Rat is way too relatable. He’s definitely my favourite character.

Rizzo the Rat: Mother always taught me: “Never eat singing food.”

That’s solid advice if you ask me.

Rizzo the Rat: I fell down the chimney and landed on a flaming hot goose!

Gonzo: You have all the fun!

I’m not sure what’s so fun about that, but this line is funny. I love the banter between Rizzo and Gonzo.

Best Musical Moments

Beginning the film with Scrooge is such a solid start. It’s a great song and I love the musical moments in this film.

One more sleep till Christmas is such a cute song. Especially when Tiny Tim gets involved. This is one me and my boyfriend like to sing in December. 

It Feels Like Christmas is the one song from The Muppet Christmas Carol that always get stuck in my head. It’s such a feel-good moment in the film, I love it. 

Final Thoughts and Fun Facts

It’s become a tradition to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol whilst cooking Christmas dinner. I’m not sure how this tradition came about, probably the fact that this is the only Christmas film my boyfriend will watch. It’s a nice tradition.

The Ghost of Christmas Past effects were created by making a special puppet that was operated in a tank of water and then green-screened into the movie to make it look like it was floating.

There are two more songs that are on the soundtrack, but aren’t in the movie at all. One is “Room in Your Heart”, sung by Dr. Honeydew and his assistant Beaker as the charity workers. The other is “Chairman of the Board”, sung by Sam the Eagle as Scrooge’s headmaster. Both were recorded, but dropped from the script before filming started, to help the flow of the story.

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