What I Listened To: December 2022

When I started thinking about writing my What I Listened To in December post I really thought it would be full of Christmas music, but it’s not. Although Christmas is my favourite time of year I really wasn’t feeling it in 2022. So much so that I didn’t even listen to Christmas songs often enough for them to appear on my top tracks for the month. I didn’t listen to much music at all really, despite travelling for over 10 hours in the last two weeks. 

I’ve decided in 2023 I’m going to start including audiobooks in this post if I listen to any. It’s become a bit of a rarity these days as I’ve pretty much exhausted the shorter listens on Audible plus. 

I’m also going to start including my top albums for the month from next as these posts are often quite short and I hate doing super short posts. I’m not doing so today as I’m actually unwell at the moment and I have no energy. I know this isn’t a good excuse, but I’m tired and I spent all day travelling yesterday. Anyway enough babbling, onto what I listened to in December. 

Top songs for December based on streams

Captivate You by Marmozets

Apparently, my current favourite Marmozets song is Captivate You. My all-time favourite is still Hit The Wave, but I’ve really been enjoying listening to the whole album. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more of an album listener rather than a jumbled playlist of random songs. 

Kissing in Cars by Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil is 100% my ‘it’s not a phase’ band. I will love this band forever and this song in particular will always be a favourite. It’s definitely a lot softer than some of their other stuff, but it’s one I listened to a lot at the start of my relationship so it reminds me of my boyfriend. Cheesy I know. 

Damsel in Distress by Neck Deep

For the longest time this was my favourite Neck Deep song, but back then they only had two albums. Now they have two more that I love (we don’t talk about the latest one, I don’t like it very much) so now I don’t know which song is my favourite.

However, this will remain a top track for as long as I keep loving the band, which will most likely be forever. 

One Hundred Sleepless Nights by Pierce The Veil

This is my current favourite Pierce The Veil song, don’t ask why I’m just vibing with it at the moment. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to it so much in the last six months that it’s actually one of my most listened-to songs of all time. 

To Be Alone by Hozier

For so long I was trying to figure out the name of this song, it was on an advert and I instantly loved it, but I never knew which one it was. I do love Hozier, but I’ve never properly sat down and listened to his albums. Well, now I love doing that and this song, in particular, is a favourite. I do have to be in the right mood to listen to some of his songs though.

I didn’t listen to any podcasts or audiobooks this month so I’m going to be cutting this post short, unfortunately. Do let me know any recommendations for either though, I’m always on the lookout for new things to listen to.

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