What I Watched: December 2022

Going into December I thought I’d be watching films every day and properly binge-watching TV shows. Well, this did not happen at all. For some reason, I wasn’t feeling festive and therefore I didn’t really watch any Christmas films outside of the ones I reviewed. Sad, I know. 

This also meant I didn’t watch any TV shows either, other than the last few episodes of random shows I had been putting off. More on that in the TV show section though.


Outside of my Christmas Classics reviews (listed below if you want to check them out), I only watched one other festive film. This was the Disney plus original Noelle. My sister and I watched it late on Christmas Eve. I had never seen it before and it was actually pretty decent. I’m not sure how re-watchable it is, maybe I’ll see if I want to watch it next year. 

Christmas Classics reviews:

The Nightmare Before Christmas | Deck The Halls | Home Alone | The Santa Clause | Nativity! | Elf | How The Grinch Stole Christmas | The Muppet Christmas Carol

These reviews were super fun to do, but they took so long to write, especially doing this many in one month. If I plan to do them again next year for Blogmas please make sure I only do a few.

TV Shows

The only show I actually began and finished in December was the Half-Bad adaptation. Personally, I thought was one of the best things Netflix has put out in quite some time. Well, I must have been the only person to think that as they cancelled it within weeks of its release. If you also watched it, let me know if you thought the same as me. 

You will all be happy to hear I have finally finished The Umbrella Academy. Not sure how I felt about this season if I’m honest. I don’t think anything will top the first one, will it? Anyway, it was still good, just not as good as previous seasons. 


I get so excited for Vlogmas every single year and this year was no different. However, unlike previous years I couldn’t even keep up with Zoe Sugg’s, which are my absolute favourite. It’s probably because I’m older now so I have a lot less free time, but I haven’t even made it to the end of the first week. I’ll definitely be catching up in the next few days though, even if Christmas is over.

I’m planning to completely change the graphic side of this post in the new year as hand drawing the film and TV show logos takes a ridiculous amount of time. I also really don’t like the original graphics anymore, they aren’t very good, so I’m excited for a refresh.

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