2023 Reading Goals

I want 2023 to be my best reading year yet, which may be a bit of wishful thinking. However, I set myself a much lower reading goal of 50 books last year as I thought I’d be too busy with the job I was in, but I completely smashed it. More on that in a few day’s time – yearly wrap-up coming soon!

So in 2023, I want to not only read more books but diversify the genres I am reading. I wrote a post earlier this year called ‘I’ve Never Read A Classic’ and in 2023 I want to change that. Not for any particular reason, I don’t think having not read a classic makes me less of a reader. I just like the idea of giving them a fair chance. Who knows, I may actually really enjoy myself.

Last year I set myself five goals, which let’s be honest was way too many. I told myself I would take more time to read the books I already own, and take on less ARCs. Yeah, that didn’t really happen. But again more on that later!

Here are my 2023 reading goals:

Read 100 books

I’m really planning to push the boat out next year. This goal is quite achievable, mostly through novellas and graphic novels, but next year I want to challenge myself by reading less of those and more full-length novels. 

In 2022 I really relied on short audiobooks and graphic novels for content and bulking up my number of books read. I will still be doing this to an extent as I really love graphic novels, but I’m going to try and do it less often. The job I’m in now lends itself to more downtime so I’m actually able to do more in my day. Hopefully, this equates to more reading and writing time, we shall see.

I’ve never set myself such a huge goal before, I usually reach my first one and then increase the challenge, but this year I’m going all out. I’m a bit nervous, but if I don’t reach it, I don’t reach it. No harm done.

Try at least one classic

Every single year I say I want to attempt to read a classic, but I never actually do it. For some reason I thought I had set myself this goal in 2022, but apparently not.

I’ve heard that The Picture of Dorian Gray is a good one to start with, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I’d also like to give Pride and Prejudice and potentially Little Women a go as well. This means I really need to plan what I’m going to read and when as I don’t want to fail miserably at these goals as I did this year.

Complete at least one series from start to finish

For the longest time I was a serial series reader. I’d get through entire series back-to-back and then move on to another one. This is not something I have the time, or mental capacity for anymore. Hence why I haven’t read an entire series in a very long time. 

My plan for 2022 was to re-read the Lunar Chronicle series as I really love it and wanted to see if it could stand the test of time. That did not happen though. Mostly because I was always needing new content and at the time didn’t have any plans of reviewing re-reads. Well, that’s about to change in 2023, I’m going to start doing re-read reviews and I cannot wait. It’s the perfect excuse for me to re-read old favourites while still having content to post. 

I cannot wait to see what new and exciting reads 2023 holds. Let me know if you’ve set yourself any specific 2023 reading goals!

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