Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S1-EP7

Episode Synopsis

S1 EP7: Kiss and Tell – Rory gets her first kiss from Dean. The whole town is buzzing about it, yet Rory has not told Lorelai.


Lauren Graham…Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel…Rory Gilmore

Edward Herrmann…Richard Gilmore

Kelly Bishop….Emily Gilmore

Keiko Agena…Lane Kim

Melissa McCarthy…Sookie St. James

Yanic Truesdale…Michel Gerard

Scott Gordon-Patterson…Luke Danes

Jared Padalecki…Dean Forester 

Best Character

Luke as always is one of the only characters with actual sense. He is my favourite character in most episodes.

Best Supporting/Obscure Character 

Taylor is only in this episode for about 20 seconds, but this is where you start to see his discourse with Luke grow. I absolutely love their dynamic as it really brings out the funny side in both of them. 

Favourite Scene

Is it weird to say Rory’s first kiss is one of the best scenes of this episode? Probably, but it is. It’s everything you’d expect a first kiss to be: awkward but sweet. I’m personally not a fan of Dean, but in the first few episodes he’s in, he’s pretty swoon-worthy. 

I also love when they are watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and they’re doing all of these cutesy little flirting things and it reminds me of being a teen with a crush. Very cute, shame Dean is trash though.

Best Quotes/Lines 

TAYLOR: Every other store in town has fall decorations. 

LUKE: Hoorah for the mob mentality. 

TAYLOR: We’re talking a few streamers and a paper turkey. How’s it gonna hurt to have a paper turkey?

LUKE: No turkey, no squash, no pumpkins. Nothing coloured orange. 

TAYLOR: OK, you don’t like orange. That’s fine. Autumn has many varied hues to toy with.

LUKE: (to Lorelai, who is leaving) No tip? 

LORELAI: Oh, yeah, here’s a tip — serve your customers. 

LUKE: Here’s another — don’t sit on any cold benches.

For context, Lorelai isn’t wearing any underwear.

RORY: [to Lane, after running away from Doose’s market after being kissed] I got kissed. [Holds up a box of starch] And I shoplifted.

RORY: [Rory tells Lane about her first kiss] Oh my God, he kissed me.

MRS. KIM: Who kissed you?

LANE: The Lord, Mama.

MRS. KIM: Oh, OK then.

LUKE: You’re not going to kill the bag boy.

LORELAI: Why not? 

LUKE: It’s double coupon day. You’ll bring down the town.

RORY: He’s the boy that I like. 

LORELAI: I know. I looked for one that you hated but it was really short notice.

Most Iconic Outfit 

I love Lorelai’s black satin bomber jacket with red lining. Red is definitely her colour. She actually wears quite understated outfits in this episode, it’s always a little strange to see her in something as plain as a checkered shirt and jeans. 

Thoughts/Opinions That Don’t Fit Into A Specific Category

This is not a good episode for Lorelai. Being mad at Rory for not telling her about the kiss is one thing, but inviting the boy she likes over to watch a film is just something else. If my mom had done this to me when I was a teen I don’t think I would have ever spoken to her again. It has to be one of the most awkward situations I could ever think of. 

Coming back to Rory not telling her about Dean. She has no right to be annoyed with her as she kept Max (ugh) a secret. Two can play that game Lorelai Gilmore, hurts when you’re the loser though doesn’t it? 

That is the meanest I have ever been about Lorelai, as she is probably my favourite character in the whole show (other than Luke), but she does have her flaws and that’s why she’s so great I suppose.

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  1. 100% agree with you on everything you said here about Luke and Dean! Luke is *always* the only one with any sense haha, and Dean is so cute until you really get to know him. Great review!

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