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Isabella Shay is usually a very honest person.

But when she’s running late for her first day at a dream job and the barista yells for “Amy” 3x with no answer, she does the unthinkable.

Izzy takes that PSL.

It’s the exact drink she ordered and paid for, only waaaay further ahead in the line, so she mutters “I’m Amy” and grabs the cup.

But when she turns around and runs directly into the most attractive man she’s ever seen, spilling the drink all over his GQ shirt and tie, she ends up having the ultimate meet-cute. Sparks fly and things feel beyond promising until he says the words, “See you tomorrow, Amy.”

Uh, oh – she’ll definitely have to straighten him out the following day.

Only when she gets to her new office and meets the VP of her department, it is none other than Blake Phillips – the hottie from Starbucks. And the man might’ve been charming to “Amy,” but he is an arrogant grump to Izzy, an arrogant grump who does not find her explanation funny at all.


After absolutely adoring Better Than the Movies I couldn’t wait to get more Lynn Painter in my life. When I saw Accidentally Amy available on Kindle Unlimited I knew I had to read it. 

I did not love it as much as Better Than the Movies, in fact, I didn’t love this, but I liked it a lot. Accidentally Amy is definitely not her best work though. I was really enjoying it until the characters started getting “smutty” for lack of a better word. The way they talked/described each other during “steamy” scenes was not fun to read. This book isn’t necessarily graphic but it does go into quite a bit of detail and it errs on the side of cringe, unfortunately. 

This brings me to my next point of the word ‘gawd’ being used far too often. Personally, it would have been best if it had never been used at all. I’m not convinced any adult actually says it like this. 

This was a classic case of loving the angst of them not being able to be together and then getting bored when they are. I liked the flirtatious banter more than the relationship stuff.

There were a few minor plot holes such as Blake driving to this specific Starbucks when he states that he only lives a three-minute walk from where he works. I get wanting a coffee before work, but is it worth it if you’re having to drive out of your way? Personally, I say no.  

I really thought the issue with him thinking she’s called Amy would be more of a lasting problem. This only exists for about 30 pages of the book, he finds out, is unreasonably mad about it, and then he suddenly doesn’t care anymore. The whole ‘Amy’ thing is only mentioned a couple more times and really isn’t relevant to the plot, other than him thinking he’s meeting a new member of his staff called Izzy, so he’s shocked when ‘Amy’ shows up. I mean I get it, it’s a meet-cute and whatnot, but almost entirely irrelevant in the bigger picture.

I enjoyed the fact that they were both glasses wearers, at least I think blake is. Him having eight pairs of glasses is mentioned but I don’t remember it being in his description. Either way this is great because often the main characters of romance books don’t wear glasses and as someone that wears them it was really lovely to see. I hate that they aren’t wearing any on the cover though, but I get why it doesn’t work with the design. 

Accidentally Amy was a super fun and quick read. I enjoyed Izzy’s character a lot as she was quirky, but not in the classic rom-com female main character who thinks she’s quirky but she’s actually just annoying way. 

If you are looking for a quick read to get out of slump or fill the gap between your next reads I’d recommend Accidentally Amy – just don’t take it too seriously.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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