To Be Watched: February 2023

Welcome to the new look To Be Watched post. I recently decided I hated all of the graphics I had drawn so now everything has a shiny new one. 

Once again I’ve been watching pretty much only YouTube so I’m very behind on shows. There are a few mentioned today that I talked about in previous posts, but I still haven’t finished them so it counts, right?

The Last of Us – Season 1 – HBO/NowTV

I’ve already watched the first two episodes of this and oh my actual god it is incredible. The Last of Us is one of my all time favourite games and to see it adapted so well is making my heart sing. 

The first two episodes have been near perfection for me and I’m so excited to see what the rest of the season holds. I’ll talk about my opinions of The Last of Us in more detail in my What I Watched post which should be coming on Sunday.

Synopsis: Tasked with escorting a teenager across a post-apocalyptic world, a dreaded smuggler joins hands with a young apprentice to fulfil the mission unscathed.

His Dark Materials – Season 3 – HBO/BBC

I watched the previous two seasons of His Dark Materials with my boyfriend but he’s decided he doesn’t care about it enough to watch the last one. So I’m on my own with this one. Which basically means I struggle to find the time to watch it. 

Well, also the fact that I kind of forgot about it. Which is crazy because I have been so excited for this for so long, but I know why. It’s because it’s the final season and I always do this when shows end. 

I don’t even know how many episodes are out right now, but I want to start this either tomorrow or this weekend – which is technically still January but I won’t finish it this month. 

Synopsis: Lyra, a young orphan from an alternate world, stays with the scholars in a college in Oxford. During a quest to find her missing friend, she discovers a secret that involves several kidnappings.

Emily in Paris – Season 3 – Netflix

I said I was going to watch this in January, but I didn’t. I’ve been a bit carried away with gaming series on YouTube so TV shows have been neglected. 

I’m definitely in the need of an easy-watching show to put on in an evening when I’m trying to relax – note the word trying. This is not my strong suit though as I always feel like I need to do more work. How very Emily of me. 

Synopsis: Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper is hired to provide an American perspective at a marketing firm in Paris.

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