What I Listened To: January 2023

New year, new look for my what I listened to posts. It’s a little early for this post as there are still four days left of the month, but I’m trying to break up my wrap-up style posts a little so yeah. 

For the first time ever I will be including audiobooks in these posts and I’m excited about it. Hopefully, it will push me to use my Audible subscription more. 

Top songs for January – based on streams

I’d be surprised if at least one Pierce The Veil song didn’t appear here every month. They are my most listened to band and this is my most listened to song by them. It’s not actually my favourite, but it’s one that seems to come on the most. 

I really love this album and this song. I’ve been listening to this, as with every song this month actually, since I was a teenager and they are ones I will continue to love forever. 

I’m thinking maybe I should give their latest album another go, as I didn’t like The Peace and The Panic much at first, but now I love it. 

At lot of people were not a fan of this album and while I’ll admit that I don’t know most of its songs too well, I really love this one. Jenna McDougall is one of my favourite vocalists and I’m definitely going to take more time to listen to all of their albums.

State Champs are one of those bands I listen to regularly but still seem to forget just how good they are. I haven’t given much time to their latest album, but the first two are so flipping food. Derek Discanio is an excellent vocalist and he sounds just as good, if not better live. 

I think this might be the first time I’m including Of Mice and Men in this series, which is actually quite surprising. For a long time, they’ve been one of my favourite bands and honestly, I’d say this album is one of my all time favourites. 

Favourite podcast episode I listened to in January

I haven’t listened to any podcasts for a couple of weeks, but this one was definitely my favourite of the month. I’m still very behind and I doubt I’ll ever be able to catch up but I can try. 

This one was funny for the ‘do buy’ section alone. I don’t want to explain it as that takes away the fun of it, but if you are looking for a great podcast I can’t recommend this one enough. 

Audiobooks I listened to in January

I listened to just one audiobook in January and it was Geekerella by Ashley Poston. It had been on my radar for a while and I was looking for some retellings to read and it popped up, so I thought, why not? It was pretty decent, but I had to listen to it at 2x speed because the narrators were really slow. I’m planning to post a full review in the next few days so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

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