Graphic Novel Review: The Mortal Instruments Vol. 1 by Cassandra Clare & Cassandra Jean


Hanging out with her best friend, Simon, is just about the most exciting thing in Clary’s life…that is, until she realizes there are people only she can see. But when her mother disappears and a monster attacks her, Clary has to embrace a world that she never even knew existed–a world full of vampires, werewolves, demons, and those who fight for the humans, Shadowhunters…


I’ve wanted to read these graphic novels for the longest time and when I saw the first volume was available on Kindle Unlimited I was so happy. For some reason when they were first published I didn’t know if I’d enjoy them as I wasn’t into graphic novels at the time. Which seems ridiculous now. 

I’m now contemplating whether to get this entire series in physical copies as I own every other Cassandra Clare book – they have a dedicated shelf. I really like the art style and Cassandra Jean does a lot of Shadowhunter art so I’d love to own some.

I was surprised by how easy The Mortal Instruments graphic novel was to follow. I genuinely think someone that hasn’t read the original books could pick this up and understand what is going on. Which is pretty impressive, considering most media tie-ins (which is what I’m assuming you’d call this) lost too much plot and character detail. 

The pacing is quite fast so you obviously lose some detail, but the world still makes sense and everything is still explained well. As someone that already knows the story, this faster pace worked very well, but I don’t think it would hinder the experience of first time readers very much.

The characters’ essences are captured so well and I love the design of them. This Clary is exactly how I pictured her when I first read the books. It’s always great to see some of your favourites brought to life in this way. Cassandra Jean did an amazing job.

The Mortal Instruments graphic novel has made me fall in love with the series all over again. So much so, that I’m planning to re-read them some point soon. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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