My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #6

Not So Berry Challenge – Clare Siobhán

Episodes: 219 

Clare has got to be one of the best Sims YouTubers. She’s so good at building characters and fleshed-out storylines. Obviously, this series is based on a challenge so the storyline is partly there, but she adds so much more to it. 

The not so berry challenge is a 10-generation challenge based around colours and while I like the whole of the series, the first couple of generations were my favourite. 

This was my first proper sims challenge playthrough that I watched as it was being uploaded. I only started watching Clare in 2020 so I was pretty late to her channel, but I did binge her entire original series and her attempt at the Disney princess challenge a while back but she never finished it, which I’m still upset about – it was great.

As I mentioned before, the first few generations are my favourite. Watching those first episodes as they came out was so exciting. The first three generations were so funny, I especially loved mint and rose. Which if you haven’t heard of this challenge will sound really strange.

After a while I got so behind that I never thought I’d catch up. I did manage it but it was months after the series properly ended. This did ruin my experience with the series as the last generations seemed to be longer and longer, but I’m glad I got through it. 

I’m also glad that Clare got to the end of not so berry but you could tell she was losing interest, it took so long for Liv to die and the challenge can’t end until then. 

If you love really long series then you should definitely check this one out. No one does stories as well as Clare, every episode is so entertaining. 

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