Re-Watch Review: Another Cinderella Story


A guy who danced with what could be the girl of his dreams at a valentine mascarade ball only has one hint at her identity: the Zune she left behind as she rushed home in order to make her curfew. And with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of him, he sets out to find his masked beauty.


Selena Gomez…Mary Santiago

Drew Seeley…Joey Parker

Jane Lynch…Dominique

Katharine Isabelle…Bree

Emily Perkins…Britt

Jessica Parker Kennedy…Tami

Marcus T. Paulk…Dustin

Nicole LaPlaca…Natalia

Best character

Selena Gomez is one of my favourite humans in the world so it would be a disservice to not give this title to Mary. 

Best supporting character 

Both of the ‘step sisters’ are vile, but they are also absolutely hilarious. They aren’t the meanest version of the step sisters in all of the Cinderella adaptations, so they aren’t too bad, but they are the dumbest which makes them the funniest.

The actual best supporting character is Tami. She really liked ‘The Funk’ but as soon as Joey did wrong by Mary she wanted nothing to do with him like a real friend. She was fiercely loyal and made great clothes. Love her. 

Favourite scene

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The dance class is great a few reasons. Firstly, you get to see Mary dance for the first time and I love Selena Gomez so it’s super cute. Secondly, why is a student teaching other students? I get that he’s a big pop star, but it’s a bit weird. 

Mary and Joey dancing at the black and white ball is great for a few reasons. Firstly, how no one can recognise each other is hilarious. Secondly, what an intense dance to do at a high school dance. Imagine the scenes if someone actually did this. 

Best quotes and one liners 

DOMINQUE: Can you feel that?

MARY: What?

DOMINQUE: I’m choking you from a distance. Choking you!

NATALIA: I’m sorry Mary, I didn’t see you standing there. It’s like you were totally invisible. [walks away]

TAMI: Oh yeah, well check my totally invisible finger!

BRITT: I love him.

BREE: You have bacon in your braces.

BREE: Could you please connect me to the YouTube?

JOEY: Dance with me.

MARY: Dance with you? No thanks.

JOEY: Well, maybe I’m wrong. But you’re the most amazing dance partner I’ve ever had… Even though I taught her everything she knows.

MARY: That’s funny because you said that you forgot why you even started dancing… until you met me.

JOEY: So why don’t you bring yourself up here and show me why I remember?

Most iconic outfit 

It wouldn’t be an ‘A Cinderella Story’ film without a beautiful dress and I really love Mary’s red dress.

Best musical moment

Obviously, I have to choose New Classic. It’s such a great song and I love the dance scene that goes with it.

Final thoughts and fun facts

I forgot that Eunice from She’s the Man is in this, she’s a very good comedy actress. 

In the tape of Young Mary dancing to JP’s music, she holds up a magazine and even though Mary is much younger in the video, JP is the same age on the magazine.

I was going to comment on how much of a heartthrob Drew Seely is in this film, but then I found out was 26 and Selena Gomez was only 16 and that’s weird. Especially as they actually kiss in the film, which I didn’t remember them doing. Did no one think this was wrong at the time? Slightly worrying.

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