Audiobook Review: A Vineyard Valentine by Nina Bocci


The annual Valentine’s Day singles soiree is always a big money-maker for Eloisa Giordono’s winery. What could be more romantic than looking for love at a quaint family vineyard on the most romantic night of year? Well, just about anything as far as Eloisa is concerned. She’s a Valentine’s Day Grinch who thinks it’s the lamest, most clichéd holiday ever invented.

Fortunately, she’ll get to hang out with like-minded folks this year by hosting an Anti-Valentine’s Day party on the same night. She’ll just need to alternate between events to keep them both running and she’ll be raking in the profits. But Eloisa is thrown for a loop when a sexy, self-described hopeless romantic shows up at the singles soiree and keeps her captivated. Will he change her mind about the holiday…and about love?


I’m not sure why I went into this with good expectations because I’m almost always let down by Audible originals. I’ve pretty much given up on Audible originals (other than a few still sitting in my library) but as this one is Valentine’s themed, I thought it would be great to review it for Valentine’s day. Especially as I haven’t done a themed post for it this month. 

The premise of A Vineyard Valentine was interesting and I usually think Amanda Ronconi is a great narrator, but it was boring. Her narrating talents definitely shine more when she has someone else to bounce off, but as this wasn’t full cast, it wasn’t great. 

I’m not trying to be overdramatic when I say I literally forgot what was said as soon as it happened. This did not hold my attention at all and considering it is so short really says a lot. 

I was about to say ‘if you’re looking for a quick romance read I’d recommend this’ but then I thought about the story more and the fact that I don’t know what happened other than zero chemistry between the characters, I’m retracting that statement. 

I hate being so negative about something someone has spent time creating, but there was really no depth to A Vineyard Valentine. The characters were two dimensional and nothing happened. 

Sorry for the short review, but as I said previously, I can’t remember anything that happened.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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