Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S1-EP8

Episode synopsis

S1 EP8 – Love and War and Snow: It’s snowing, and Lorelai is giddy. She runs into Max in Stars Hollow and invites him back to her place. But they run into someone unexpected when they get there. Lane feels left out of Rory’s life.


Lauren Graham…Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel…Rory Gilmore

Edward Herrmann…Richard Gilmore

Kelly Bishop…Emily Gilmore

Keiko Agena…Lane Kim

Melissa McCarthy…Sookie St. James

Yanic Truesdale…Michel Gerard

Scott Gordon-Patterson…Luke Danes

Scott Cohen…Max Medina

Best character

Purely because of the pizza scene I am awarding the best of the episode character to Emily. She’s often very rude, offensive and off-putting in the early seasons, but watching her try pizza for the first is quite endearing.

Best supporting character 

Michel is back! I absolutely love him, he has quite a few funny lines in this episode. Unfortunately in the first season, he isn’t really very involved, but he does have some great one liners/funny interactions. 

My favourite Michel line from this episode (mentioned in the best quotes/lines section) is when he’s talking about the storm and describes it as ‘cold and grey like a fat dead pigeon’. Not your typical descriptive phrase, but a great one nonetheless. 

Favourite scene

I mention Luke being super nice and cute for every episode but the scene where he takes the reenactors coffee because they’re sat in the cold makes me smile. He’s being really friendly and taking people’s orders, even for things he doesn’t have, which is so unlike him. But then he sees Lorelai and Max kissing and his whole demeanour changes and it’s actually quite sad.

Best quotes and one liners 

TAYLOR: Well, excuse me Andrew, but some of us have businesses to run that don’t involve peddling drսg paraphernalia to kids. 

ANDREW: It was a lava lamp, Taylor. 

TAYLOR: There is no use for a lava lamp unless you’re on drսgs.

MICHEL: It is cold and grey like a fat dead pigeon.

EMILY: A bad storm is heading your way. It’s already hitting us here. 

LORELAI: Well, don’t panic. I’ll get the ark. You get the animals. 

EMILY: I just sent Lance to pick up Rory at school. The roads are terrible, black ice everywhere, it’s just a mess out there. I hate this kind of weather. So anyhow, what time will you get here? 

LORELAI: Well, uh, gee mom, I don’t know, let me see. Black ice, treacherous roads. I guess I’ll just put on my red, white, and blue leotard, grab my golden lasso and fly the invisible plane on over.

LUKE: Tradition is a trap, it allows people to stick their head in the sand. Everything that passed was so quaint, so charming. Times were simpler. Kids didn’t have sеx. Neighbors knew each other. It’s a freaking fairy tale. Things sucked then too. It just sucked without indoor plumbing. 

LORELAI: I think some traditions are nice. Birthdays. Holidays. Taking a walk in the first snow of the season. 

LUKE: I didn’t get the Hallmark card for that one.

Most iconic outfit 

The outfits were all quite average in this episode. There weren’t any that stood out, just your basic 2000s ugly fashion.

Final thoughts and fun facts

Rory really isn’t a good friend in this episode. She constantly ignores Lane and just talks about Dean the whole time. I don’t know why Lane puts up with her really, Rory never seems to care about anyone but herself.

I love how excited Lorelai is about the snow, it’s pretty much a childlike wonder. Unfortunately, some of this excitement comes from Max, and we all know I hate him, so it becomes less cute.

I’d be so annoyed if I was at the movie ‘theatre’ (it’s a bookshop) and people were talking as loud as Max and Lorelai. I mostly think this because I hate Max, but it would definitely be annoying. 

In the previous episode, Lane learned from Todd that Dean is deathly allergic to walnuts. However, in this episode, Rory brings Dean a batch of Rocky Road Cookies, which traditionally are made with walnuts. I personally like to think Rory was pretending to like Dean just so she could kill him with walnuts. Totally not the case, but if only, right?

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