My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #7

Dead Space Remake – Jacksepticeye

Episodes: 4

I’ve never played or seen a playthrough of Dead Space before and I’d heard it’s one of the scariest games of all time so of course I was super excited for this playthrough. I’m excited for any playthrough from Sean, no matter what the game is. If you couldn’t tell by now, he’s my favourite YouTuber.

Unfortunately, the game did not lie up to my expectations. The story was a bit bland/hard to follow. Maybe I’m just an idiot but I found I wasn’t paying attention to what the characters were saying. I think this is mostly due to the fact that when dialogue was happening and something, a door opened for example, it doesn’t mute or pause either dialogue and the overlapping speech was very hard to follow. 

I do want to clarify very quickly that I liked the game as the graphics and gameplay was cool to watch, but the story wasn’t the best. 

After being so negative you’re now probably wondering why I’m mentioning this series. Well, Sean is an excellent let’s player and even though I wasn’t enjoying the game as much as I thought I would, he was thoroughly entertaining. 

There are so many running jokes in this series, I especially enjoyed the excessive stomping on people. The joke never got old. 

There are a ton of documents, which I’m guessing give you more insight into what is going on, that Sean didn’t read so that probably didn’t help with me liking the game. But I’m not mad at him for it, he’s made a very funny and entertaining series. 

I love the premise of the game and the design of the monsters is really interesting. Although the first ones you encounter, I don’t know what they are called, are kind of goofy looking when they run. 

The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that this wasn’t scary in the slightest. Maybe it was scary back in 2008 but it definitely isn’t now. I’m such a huge horror fan so this was a big letdown. 

The funniest thing about this series is the fact that the editor put the Five Nights at Freddie’s Security Breach lift music whenever the character went into a lift. It’s very subtle and if you haven’t played or seen that game you wouldn’t notice it, but it made me very happy.

I’m not going to give spoilers for the game in case anyone wants to watch this or play it themselves, but personally, I found it very anticlimactic. Even the secret ending had no impact. 

In the future, I may attempt another playthrough of this game, maybe from someone a little more serious. I love Sean’s jokes but I feel like a lot of the story was lost. 

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