Graphic Novel Review: The Tea Dragon Tapestry by Kay O’Neill


Over a year since being entrusted with Ginseng’s care, Greta still can’t chase away the cloud of mourning that hangs over the timid Tea Dragon. As she struggles to create something spectacular enough to impress a master blacksmith in search of an apprentice, she questions the true meaning of crafting, and the true meaning of caring for someone in grief. Meanwhile, Minette receives a surprise package from the monastery where she was once training to be a prophetess. Thrown into confusion about her path in life, the shy and reserved Minette finds that the more she opens her heart to others, the more clearly she can see what was always inside.


The Tea Dragon Tapestry is possibly the most stunning volume so far. I talk about how much I love the art style of this series in every single review, but it really speaks for itself. It is quite possibly my favourite graphic novel art style of all time and I don’t say that lightly. I love all of the tiny details, they really bring every page to life. Not to mention how gorgeous the colour palette is. I’m so sad this is the final volume. 

I loved how The Tea Dragon Tapestry linked the previous two volumes together and it was really nice to see some returning characters. I’ll be honest and say the second volume confused me as I thought it would follow the same characters, but I’m glad everything links together. 

The overall plot of this series isn’t that deep, but I’m more here for the cosy vibes. I actually quite like that it’s such an easy read, but is also still interesting. The characters have backstories and the world has depth, that’s pretty much all I need. Now if this wasn’t such a cosy series I would probably comment on the lack of story, but I enjoy certain graphic novels for different reasons. 

The information at the back of the volume is super interesting as always. I love these longer texts that give more background on the world and the tea dragons, I especially love learning about the different breeds of tea dragons and the history of where they come from and how they came to be with their guardians. 

If you are looking for a super cute and cosy series to read then I cannot recommend The Tea Dragon enough.

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