What I Listened To: February 2023

You’re all probably sick of hearing this by now, but I’m slightly changing up these posts again. Instead of talking about the songs I’ve streamed most, I’m going to do the ones I’ve been enjoying. They could technically be the ones I’ve streamed most, but I’ve found I’ve been avoiding specific songs because I don’t want to talk about the same ones all the time.

Songs I’ve enjoyed in February

Four out of five songs for this month are featured on the The Summer I Turned Pretty show and I’m not ashamed of it. I love that show and the soundtrack is great. 

So I’ve recently started a re-watch of The Summer I Turned Pretty (reviews to come) and this is one of the first songs you hear in it. I’ve always wondered why this song was never released as a single, it would have done really well. 

I haven’t got to the episode with this song in yet, but I’ve been listening to it on repeat pretty such since the show came out last year. It was never a song I paid much attention to, but it’s probably my favourite Taylor Swift. Every time I listen to it, I can see the scene from the show in my head and it makes me very happy. 

I love this song a bit too much for someone who’s in a very happy relationship. I’m aware that a lot of people have probably moved on from this album by now, but I don’t care. I still absolutely love every single song on it.

I’ve had a very Taylor Swift heavy month and I’m very happy about it. This is another song on the The Summer I Turned Pretty soundtrack and again I can picture the scene in my head when I hear this song. It’s when Conrad and Belly see each other again for the first time in a year and it makes me smile every time. Yes, I’m a Conrad girl. 

Until watching the show I had never even heard of Kim Petras before. I’m now very aware of her because of the song with Sam Smith and while I don’t care for that song, I really like this one. It’s just so feel good and I actually really like her voice. 

Favourite podcast episode I listened to in February

I didn’t listen to any podcasts this month. I think I only listened to one episode of Sh**ged. Married, Annoyed, but I’ve talked about that podcast in pretty much every post, so I won’t this month. 

A few days ago, I sat down and browsed the podcast section on Spotify and found a few I’m interested in. So, I may give them a go soon!

Audiobooks I listened to in February

Keeping up with the theme of this month’s post, the only audiobook I listened to in February was The Summer I Turned Pretty. It’s getting a bit overkill now, and honestly, that wasn’t my intention, this is all coincidental. Well, I listened to the book so I wanted to rewatch the show and obviously, that led to me listening to the soundtrack. 

Anyway, I really loved this audiobook and I actually reviewed it yesterday if you want to check it out here. It’s super entertaining and having Lola who plays Belly narrate it was genius.

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