My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #8

Bioshock Infinite – Cynthetic

Episodes: 10

A while ago I was looking for new lets players to watch and the way I like to do this is by searching for playthroughs of my favourite games. The first game I always search for is Resident Evil 7 – I do have an upcoming post about that game, but the second one is Bioshock. From this search, I came across Cynthetic. At the time she only had about 22k subscribers and since I watched this playthrough her subscriber count has almost doubled. Which is very deserved, I’m so glad I found her channel. 

Firstly, Bioshock Infinite is one of my favourite games of all time and this is the first proper playthrough of it I’ve watched. I’ve played the game three times myself and I really enjoyed watching someone play it for the first time. On the surface level, the game doesn’t seem like much but the lore is actually ridiculous. Especially if you’ve played the other two.

This isn’t the first game in the series, however, it was the first ever playthrough of Cyn’s I watched, so I thought it made sense to talk about it first. 

If you are the type of person that likes playthroughs that aren’t just the gamer screaming and getting overexcited, then you will probably enjoy Cynthetic. She is very calm and personally, I love how she thinks so deeply about everything going on and uses deduction to figure out the story. Her play style is very much finding out everything you can about the story and exploring the world to its full. As someone that loves learning the lore of a game, I really appreciate it. 

She’s an extremely smart player, in not just this game, but in everything else she has played, and watching her slowly piece together the story was really fun. The fact that she figures out the plot twist is incredible as it’s really quite subtle and honestly, the look on her face when she realises is priceless. 

Now, I have to be honest with you for a second and say that I haven’t watched her play the DLC yet, as even though I’ve played this game a ton myself, I’ve never played it. I’m a little dumb and didn’t realise the DLC came with my version of the game, so I’m waiting to play it myself before I watch Cyn’s playthrough. However, I can almost guarantee that it is a great watch. 

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