Re-Watch Review: Bratz


During their first year of high school, four best girlfriends face off against the domineering student body President, who wants to split them up into different social cliques.


Skyler Shaye…Cloe

Janel Parrish…Jade

Logan Browning…Sasha

Nathalia Ramos…Yasmin

Chelsea Kane…Meredith(as Chelsea Staub)

Anneliese van der Pol…Avery

Melise…Quinn(as Malese Jow)

Ian Nelson…Dylan

Stephen Ford…Cameron(as Stephen Lunsford)

Jon Voight…Principal Dimly

Lainie Kazan…Bubbie

William May…Manny

Emily Rose Everhard…Cherish(as Emily Everhard)

Chet Hanks…Dexter

Best character

I know you’re supposed to hate her but I actually love Meredith. Well, I don’t love her character’s personality but Chelsea Kane was the perfect choice for the role. I genuinely think she is a great comedy actor and the fact that this is her debut role is pretty impressive, even if the film is a bit crap.

Best supporting characters

I love Dylan in this film. In the TV series he was a bit of a jerk, but he’s a sweet baby boy in the film. Especially when he gets everyone dancing at Meredith’s party to take the embarrassment away from Yasmin.

I’m not sure why they made his character deaf though, it’s never explained how it happened. He does however reference the fact that he hasn’t always been deaf.

Manny is an absolute icon. Dude got in a pool fully clothed. I hate that he sent Meredith the video of Yasmin, but in hindsight, it really isn’t that embarrassing.

Favourite scenes

The opening is iconic – the different bedrooms and closets. I loved Jade’s hidden closet but have always wondered how she had it built without her parents knowing

Sasha auditioning for the cheerleading squad really walks the fine line between sass and cringe. She had way too much confidence for a 15 year old.

I love a good audition scene. Especially when it features a boyband with a cameo from Kevin McHale.

I’m going to just call it the clown montage, which if you’ve never seen this film you will be completely lost and I think it’s funnier if I don’t explain it.

Best quotes and one liners 

YASMIN: [to Dylan] Watch where you’re going! Are you blind? Hello?

DYLAN: No, but I’m deaf.


DYLAN: I’m deaf.

YASMIN: You don’t look deaf.

DYLAN: Yeah, well you don’t look ignorant, but I guess you can’t judge a book right?

SASHA: [to Jade] I didn’t stop taIking to you. You stopped taIking to me.

JADE: Really?

CLOE: What are you talking about, Sasha? At least we don’t buy our friends with our daddy’s bank account.

SASHA: Only because you don’t have a dad or a bank account!

DEXTER: I think it behooves you to extend an apology to the lady.

He then starts doing karate or something. It’s entirely baffling and also extremely cringe

[Cherish meditating]

MEREDITH: Oh, my God, Cherish. What are you doing?

CHERISH: I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.

MANNY: So what do you think of my hair today? I did this side just for you.

CHERISH: Don’t you need a license to be that ugly?

MANNY: Ooh, I like ’em feisty.

Most iconic outfit 

Meredith makes Cameron, Quinn and Avery dress like court jesters to hand out her party invites and I don’t think any outfit in this film can beat those. Well, maybe except for the clown server costumes the ‘Bratz’ wear at Meredith’s party. Before Jade alters them.

Best musical moments

The whole soundtrack for this film is iconic. I used to listen to it on a CD player, which sounds ridiculous now. I did eventually upgrade to an MP3 player.

Out From Under was my heartbreak ballad when I was a kid. It’s so dramatic, I love it.

Any film moment with No Sleep Tonight by The Faders is instantly iconic. It’s such a classic teen film soundtrack song and I love it. 

Fabulous is definitely the best musical number in the whole film. I used to really love Bratittude, but after hearing it again as an adult I’ve realised just how terrible it is. 

Fearless was definitely my favourite non-film-specific song. That song is still great to this day and it features oh my nostalgia playlist.

Final thoughts and fun facts

The principal running the school based on a book called ‘how to run a prison’ will always be funny. The whole place was a health and safety hazard. If a stone bust can fall without actually being touched, I don’t think the school should be open.

So this film did very badly. Apparently, it got a lot of bad critic scores and they even nominated all four lead actresses for a golden raspberry (the anti-oscars for bad films). Which is mad savage when you think about how the majority of this cast are teenagers, with Nathalia Ramos who plays Yasmin only being 15 at the time.

I’m still so mad that Janel Parrish didn’t get to sing more considering she was the only ‘brat’ that could actually sing. I hate the voice they gave to Yasmin, not that it’s bad, but it really doesn’t suit a teenage girl. 

I’m not sure who the singer is but I’ve only just realised she’s the backing singer on It’s All About Me.

I’m also still kinda mad that they got their colours wrong for the outfits they wear when performing Brattitude. Cloe is blue and Jade is pink, I have a feeling they changed it because Jade had blue in her hair, but come on be true to the source material.


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