Re-Watch Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S1-EP6

Episode synopsis

Chapter six – An Exorcism in Greendale: Harvey, Roz and Susie explore a mysterious force of evil. Sabrina digs deeper into Ms. Wardwell’s intentions. Hilda pursues a new beginning.


Kiernan Shipka…Sabrina Spellman

Ross Lynch…Harvey Kinkle

Lucy Davis…Hilda Spellman

Chance Perdomo…Ambrose Spellman

Michelle Gomez…Mary Wardwell

Jaz Sinclair…Rosalind Walker

Tati Gabrielle…Prudence Night

Adeline Rudolph…Agatha

Richard Coyle…Father Faustus Blackwood

Miranda Otto…Zelda Spellman

Abigail Cowen…Dorcas

Justin Dobies…Tommy Kinkle

Gavin Leatherwood…Nicholas Scratch

Lachlan Watson…Susie Putnam

Best character

It’s got to be Ambrose again, he’s so charismatic and is 100% one of the best characters in the entire show.

Best supporting character 

Can I give this to Salem? He’s not in the show much because Kiernan found out when filming she’s allergic to cats, but he does the cutest meow. He’s such a beautiful cat.

He does save Sabrina’s life so I feel like he really deserves to be the best supporting character.

Favourite scene

I can’t decide if the scenes with the demon are cringe and funny or actually terrifying. The way he looks is horrific, but the voice they gave him really didn’t match. But still, the exorcism scene is great. It’s the first time you see Sabrina do real big magic.

Best quotes and one liners

SABRINA: I don’t want a snack, Ms. Wardwell. I want answers.

ZELDA: ​​Who’s talking about witches? Give me their names and I’ll make sure they stop talking about anything. Permanently. It’s just terrible when teenagers slip into comas, isn’t it, Hilda?

NICK: You’re a rebel, Spellman. That’s how I like my witches. 

SABRINA: Nicholas, to be clear, I have a boyfriend. 

NICK: Yes… but you also have two natures. You go to two schools. Why not date two guys? I’m down with sharing.

I would personally be on the floor if Nicholas Scratch said this to me. Harvey would be straight in the bin, sorry mate.

Final thoughts and fun facts

Harvey is such a hypocrite for getting mad at Sabrina for not believing him about Jesse being possessed when he freaked out about her being a witch. Ugh, I can’t believe I used to really like his character. 

When Zelda says, “What have I done to deserve these women in my life?” and Ambrose replies, “lucky, I suppose,” this might be a nod to Hocus Pocus when Winifred Sanderson asks why she’s cursed with such idiot sisters and Sarah gives the same reply. It might be a coincidence but it made me smile.

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