Re-Watch Review: New Girl S1-EP3

Episode synopsis

S1 EP3 – Wedding: Fearful that he’ll run into his ex-girlfriend at a wedding, Nick asks Jess to be his date. Meanwhile, Winston takes his role as an usher seriously.

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Zooey Deschanel…Jess Day

Jake Johnson…Nick Miller

Max Greenfield…Schmidt

Lamorne Morris…Winston Bishop

Mary Elizabeth Ellis…Caroline

Katie Cassidy…Brooke

Best character

Winston was really kind to Jess in this episode when Nick and Schmidt were mean. He likes her for who she is and it’s really cute. Nothing but love for Winnie the Bish. 

Favourite scene

The opening scenes of this show are some of the funniest television ever made and this one might be one the best. So much happens within the first minute that I could include in both this and the best quotes section.

Jess accidentally walking in front of the door the bride and groom come out of for this first dance and then walking with them and cheering is so funny. It’s definitely a moment for getting second-hand embarrassment, but she’s so cute I really don’t mind. 

Best quotes and one liners 

NICK: He’s been into her, since freshman year. She used to get drunk and pass out on our front porch. It was like having a hot, alcoholic cat. 

SCHMIDT: I’d always leave water out for her.

SCHMIDT: Jess, what happened with Brooke?

JESS: What?

SCHMIDT: She just left here in tears because she said that you threatened her with a knife?

JESS: No! I was talking you up.

WINSTON: Are you okay?

JESS: Yeah, I’m fine.

WINSTON: Those guys were jerks. But I know they’re glad you’re around.

JESS: Really?

WINSTON: Yeah! They’re not just gonna come out and say it, though. Especially Nick, you know, but they’re all thinking it. Even me. Most of the time.

Best musical moment

The last scene of the episode where the guys do the chicken dance with Jess to Groovy Kind of Love is so heartwarming. It’s so cute to see them bond more and more with each episode. 

It’s also so completely absurd to do the chicken dance to Phil Collins, but very funny.

Final thoughts

This is quite a funny episode, but it seriously lacks hilarious lines. For the past two reviews I’ve had to really select which quotes/lines to include, but that wasn’t the case this time.

I hate Caroline, especially as she leads Nick on in this episode whilst knowing he has a girlfriend. Obviously, him and Jess weren’t actually dating, but she doesn’t know that. I’m not ready to watch the episodes when they get back together again.

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