My Favourite YouTube Gaming Series #9

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Jacksepticeye 

Episodes: 8

I imagine I will talk about Resident Evil in most of these posts. It’s one of my favourite game franchises so I will be talking about it a lot. After Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 is my next favourite. Completely different games with different playstyles but they are staples in the franchise for me. 

Everything about this series from Jacksepticeye is perfect. The commentary, the pacing and the fact that he isn’t the best gamer (sorry). Hey it could be worse, at least he didn’t shoot a licker on his first encounter and instantly die like Markiplier did.

There are so many one liners and quotes from this playthrough that I use constantly “gimme them toes” is the one I use all the time. For context it’s what Sean says when shooting zombies and I also like to use it in similar situations. I also exclusively call Leon Kennedy ‘Skennedy’ because of this playthrough. It’s Sean’s shortened way of saying Leon’s full name: Leon S Kennedy. The reason why I like it is because Sean says the ‘S’ stands for sexy and he is not wrong. Leon is the original himbo, but I love him.

I’ve watched this entire playthrough around three times now and I wouldn’t be surprised if I watch it again soon. It sounds weird to say a playthrough of a violent zombie game is a comfort series for me, but it is. What’s really funny is that I used to be terrified of games like this, I still really hate zombies, but I can make an exception with games apparently.

If you’ve never seen any of the Resident Evil games then personally I think this remake is a great place to start. I do like the first game, but this one is pretty much perfect.

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