Re-Watch Review: Gilmore Girls S1-EP12

Episode synopsis

S1 EP12 – Double Date: Two double dates. Rory and Dean set up Lane with Dean’s friend and the four go out. Meanwhile Sookie and Jackson’s first date includes Lorelai and Jackson’s cousin, who’s very very weird. Lorelai does not enjoy the evening.


Lauren Graham…Lorelai Gilmore

Alexis Bledel…Rory Gilmore

Melissa McCarthy…Sookie St. James

Keiko Agena…Lane Kim

Yanic Truesdale…Michel Gerard

Scott Patterson…Luke Danes

Jared Padalecki…Dean Forester

Emily Kuroda…Mrs. Kim

Jackson Douglas…Jackson Belleville

Lukas Behnken…Todd

Max Perlich…Rune

Best character

Sookie is so cute in this episode. I really love her and Jackson together and her being all nervous and flustered about their first date is so heart warming. She’s such a lovely character. 

Best supporting character 

I’m classing Luke as a supporting character in this episode as he’s not in it very long and I love him. He almost asks Lorelai out for the first time and it makes my heart burst, Lorelai has been pretty crappy in the last few episodes, but I do love them together.

Favourite scene

The opening scene of this episode is one of my favourites for the entire show. It’s so completely mundane, but I love seeing Lorelai and Rory being completely in sync. My favourite part is when Lorelai grabs the coffee pot while it’s still running and Rory puts her cup underneath to catch the coffee. It’s silly, but it made me smile.

Best quotes and one liners

SOOKIE: Bye Kittens.

RUNE: You know I cannot go out with anyone that tall. I mean God! I can’t believe you set me up with that. What, was the bearded lady busy tonight or something?

LANE: Ok, what about movies, you must have a favourite movie. 

TODD: Yes I do! 

LANE: Great! What is it? 

TODD: Beethoven. 

LANE: Beethoven? The one with the dog? 

TODD: There’s this scene where this little dog is running around with a huge cabbage in its mouth. Oh man, it’s classic! I shot my Dr. Pepper right outta my nose! I swear!

LORELAI: They’re at the movies. There’s no drugs there. They don’t even have the real red vines.

RORY: Not the guy for you huh?

LANE: Not the guy for anybody who can read, write, talk or function on a basic human level.

Most iconic outfit 

Not really iconic, but Lorelai wears multiple silk shirts in this episode and I really hate them. She’s also very big on monochrome this episode and it is not a good look. God fashion in the 2000s was awful. 

Final thoughts and fun facts

The past couple of episodes really aren’t my favourites. Honestly, the middle part of this season is pretty boring.

Lorelai makes a joke to Sookie (who is about to go on her very first date with Jackson) that she will wear a blue dress to their wedding. Two seasons later, when Sookie and Jackson do get married, Lorelai does indeed wear a blue dress.

Rune makes a comment about Lorelai’s height, saying she was too tall etc. The movie that Rory, Dean, Lane and Todd see in the cinema is ‘Attack of the 50 Foot Woman’. It’s very subtle but quite clever.

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