Re-Watch Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S1-EP8

Episode synopsis

Chapter Eight – The Burial: A disaster rattles the Greendale community. Desperate to help, Sabrina attempts a new kind of dark magic – with the assistance of an unusual ally.


Kiernan Shipka…Sabrina Spellman

Ross Lynch…Harvey Kinkle

Lucy Davis…Hilda Spellman

Chance Perdomo…Ambrose Spellman

Michelle Gomez…Mary Wardwell

Jaz Sinclair…Rosalind Walker

Tati Gabrielle…Prudence Night

Adeline Rudolph…Agatha

Richard Coyle…Father Faustus Blackwood

Miranda Otto…Zelda Spellman

Abigail Cowen…Dorcas

Alessandro Juliani…Dr. Cee

Gavin Leatherwood…Nicholas Scratch

Bronson Pinchot…Principal George Hawthorne

Christopher Rosamond…Mr. Kinkle

Lachlan Watson…Susie Putnam

Best character

I never thought I’d say it, but Harvey is actually very likeable in this episode. He shows real vulnerability and when his dad tells him he should have been the one to die I feel so bad for him.

I also want to give Ambrose a special shoutout as he is a complete savage to Sabrina in this episode and honestly, she deserves it. 

Best Worst supporting character 

Harvey’s dad is the absolute worst in this episode. As I mentioned above he told Harvey he should have been the one that died. Like who actually says something like that? Also, who fights their son at their other son’s funeral? That man is just pure bad news.

Favourite scenes

The scene where Hilda talks to Sabrina about death is actually quite emotional. It’s very heartfelt and considering the previous episode showed cannibalism is done in pretty good taste. Hilda is the more sensitive one out of her and Zelda though.

The eulogy Harvey gives is tear-worthy and honestly, this entire episode just makes me feel so sad. You haven’t really seen Tommy up to this point, he’s only had about two scenes, so I don’t know why I care so much about him. But this episode is heartbreaking.

The ritual scene is super intense and you really see Sabrina’s darkness come out. The first time I watched this episode I didn’t expect her to actually kill Agatha and it was honestly so shocking when she did. However, having watched the entire show before, it doesn’t surprise me now.

Best quotes and one liners

AMBROSE: Aunt Zee, are you crying?

ZELDA: Pollen

HARVEY: Once I asked him what his dream was. He said that his dream was that my dreams came true.

MS WARDWELL: And the child takes another step on the road to perdition

AMBROSE: Why must you always insist that the universe grant you special privileges? You’ve upset the natural order. You realize that, don’t you? There are rules, there’s no cheating fate.

AMBROSE: You’re playing with life and death and you don’t even know the basics cousin

Final thoughts and fun facts

I completely forgot that Agatha and Dorcas are the reason why Tommy died, I remembered him dying in the mines, but not why it happened. This episode marks the breakdown of Harvey and Sabrina’s relationship and it’s really harsh to say, but I’m here for it. 

It was great to get more background on why Ambrose is on house arrest and during this, you find out just how old he is. He was pulled into the scheme to blow up the Vatican it was by a father figure; Crowley. Aleister Crowley was born in 1875 and was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer, and who started Scientology. So if Ambrose met Crowley when he was young this would mean Ambrose is over 100 years old. Not to mention that it was stated that Ambrose taught stage magic to Houduni. Houdini lived from 1874 till 1926. So this is further proof that Ambrose is over 100 years old. 

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