Re-Watch Review: New Girl S1-EP5

Episode synopsis

S1 EP5 – Cece Crashes: Cece crashes at the loft after a bad breakup, and convinces Jess that Nick likes her more than just as a roommate.


Zooey Deschanel…Jess Day

Jake Johnson…Nick Miller

Max Greenfield…Schmidt

Lamorne Morris…Winston Bishop

Hannah Simone…Cece Parekh

Best character

Schmidt was on one in this episode. He starts the episode in a kimono then herds Cece like a sheep and then does parkour. He’s slightly gross towards Cece, but we all know he’s truly and madly in love with her.

Best supporting character

This is the first episode where Cece is present the whole time and I actually really like her character. She notices straight away that Nick likes Jess, although I don’t think even he really knows that right now, and her relationship with Schmidt starts to grow.

Favourite scenes

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Schmidt dancing around Cece and Winston is way too funny. Him then herding her like a sheepdog. The whole scene with Cece and the guys dancing is too good. 

The absolute best part has to be ‘parkour’. Is Schdmit one of the best characters ever written? He actually might be.

Best quotes and one liners

DJ: You ripped my deep V! This is my favourite deep V! 

JESS: It´s just a deeper V.

JESS: Sometimes she just calls me up and she’s like, “bitch, I love you.” And then she just hangs up. No other information. Weird. But I don’t know, I kind of like it when she calls me “bitch.” It makes me feel like Janis Joplin.

NICK: No, I don’t dance. I’m from the town in Footloose.

CECE: If you tell anyone we held hands, I have two people in my phone that will kill you. Literally.

Final thoughts and fun facts

I enjoy all of the Nick and Jess moments, especially when she thinks he likes her. It’s definitely a defining moment in their ‘friendship’, which let’s be honest was never really friendship. 

I love the cat on the roof, it is so cute and majestic. But to be fair it does look aggressive so I don’t blame Schmidt for being scared of it.

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