Re-Watch Review: New Girl S1-EP7

Episode synopsis

S1 EP7 – Bells: Jess gets jealous when Winston joins her troubled-youth handbell quartet and instantly becomes a natural. Meanwhile Nick and Schmidt engage in class warfare when the toilet breaks and they each have their own idea of how to get it fixed.


Zooey Deschanel…Jess Day

Jake Johnson…Nick Miller

Max Greenfield…Schmidt

Lamorne Morris…Winston Bishop

Raven Goodwin…Desiree

Ki Hong Lee…Hector

Tiffany Ariany…Bianca

Esther Povitsky…Krystal

Best character

Poor Jess is so stressed in this episode and I feel so bad for her. It takes a lot for me to not give this to Schmidt, as I think he’s the funniest character, but I love how kind and compassionate Jess is. 

Best supporting character 

The bells.

Favourite scene

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Winston being able to perfectly play the bells will always be funny. 

Best quotes and one liners

SCHMIDT: Mmm. You know you want in on this, man. A little fatty toon… little yellow T… Cali roll. Samurai snack. So scrummy.

JESS: Two things women love … Alternative percussion players and role models.

NICK: Yeah, I unfixed that. 

SCHMIDT: Well, how you gonna unfix a dead Schmidt?!

WINSTON: Are you kidding me? It is not that hard, people. It is an instrument that a cat wears around its neck.

NICK: I’m sorry. I put your couch and your freezer in your room, Schmidt. Yeah, I didn’t want to get my poor on them.

SCHMIDT: Lotusberry Relax. Lotusberry Relax. I can smell it on you right now! 

NICK: Stop smelling my hair! 

SCHMIDT: You know how much that stuff costs? 

NICK: Okay, Schmidt, I didn’t use your conditioner. 

SCHMIDT: Why does your hair look so baby soft?! 

NICK: Fine, Schmidt! I ran out of shampoo and I used your conditioner. 

SCHMIDT: We’re talking about conditioner, right? You used it as shampoo?! It’s for moisture, Nick, not for cleaning! I can’t believe we’re friends. Give me it back, man. 

NICK: Give you what back? 

SCHMIDT: Give me it back. 

NICK: Think about what you’re doing right now. 

SCHMIDT: I’m squeezing it out of your hair.

SCHMIDT: these are the things that come out, man, when you take another man’s conditioner.

NICK: Do you know what sucks about getting older? Your friends have known you way too long, they got too much on you. I want to have friends to still lie to me because they don’t want to hurt my feelings. I sadly kind of mean that.

NICK: Want to go to this bells concert? 

SCHMIDT: Let me get my cardigan.

SCHMIDT: You know I don’t think you’re a loser, right? 

NICK: I can’t hear anything you say when you wear that sweater, Schmidt. You open your mouth and I just hear: “Cardigan, cardigan. I am wearing a cardigan.”

Final thoughts and fun facts

Not a lot really happens in this episode other than Nick and Schmidt fighting and Winston being able to play the bells. There isn’t really any story/character progression, but it’s a pretty fun episode.

Lamorne Morris who plays Winston injured his hand while playing the bells in this episode. 

When Schmidt gets back from working out, he is unable to get into his bedroom because Nick put his freezer in the room. However, Nick and Schmidt are the same size. If Schmidt couldn’t get in, that means Nick wouldn’t have been able to get out.

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