Games That Should Have Adaptations #3

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to write any more for this series as I thought I’d run out of games very quickly. However, I’ve been consuming so many games lately, either playing them myself or watching playthroughs, and I’ve seen so many amazing ones that should 100% be adapted. Plus after the success of The Last of Us, I’m feeling quite hopeful about game adaptations.

Shadow of The Colossus 

Now here is a game with impressive visuals. I feel like this is a bit more niche as it’s not very popular anymore, however, I really like it. Whenever I think about seeing really good CGI Colossus’ I quite literally get chills. 

Although there isn’t very much dialogue in this game I think they could adapt it well. I mean look at the first season of The Witcher; Geralt doesn’t speak that often and it still worked. That might not be the same here as there are technically like four characters in Shadow of The Colossus but it’s all about the vibes right?

Game synopsis: The game focuses on a young man, known only to the audience as Wander (or “the Wanderer”), who is tasked with finding and killing sixteen colossi that reside in a desolate expanse of land, in the hopes of resurrecting a sacrificed girl named Mono.

Alice Madness Returns 

Now, this would make an excellent film or TV show, I think it would work in either format. Like the others mentioned this is one of my all-time favourite games. Everything about it is so good; the story, the art style and the world design. I believe this would work better as an anime/animated film or TV show. 

Alice Madness Returns has one of my favourite art styles ever and I could only imagine how incredible it would look as an expanded universe. 

Darker adaptations of Alice In Wonderland are some of my favourite pieces of media and I just know if this became real I would binge-watch the hell out of it. 

Game synopsis: 10 year old Alice lost her family in a fire. For 10 years she remained catatonic in an asylum while her condition caused Wonderland to turn… dark. She returned to Wonderland to defeat the ruthless Red Queen and restore her own sanity, but now she must return once more to discover what really happened the night of the fire. In doing so she can finally escape the nightmares that continue haunting her, and find peace after all these years.

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