Re-Watch Review: New Girl S1-EP9

Episode synopsis

S1 EP9 – The 23rd: The gang attends Schmidt’s holiday office party and Jess frets when she receives an expensive gift from Paul.


Zooey Deschanel…Jess Day

Jake Johnson…Nick Miller

Max Greenfield…Schmidt

Lamorne Morris…Winston Bishop

Hannah Simone…Cece Parekh

Justin Long…Paul Genzlinger

Gillian Vigman…Kim

Michaela Watkins…Gina

Stephen Amell…Kyle

Best character

The fact that Schmidt personally made a perfume for Cece is the cutest thing and is why he is awarded best character of the episode. He acts like an idiot most of the time, but he really did love her from the start. This episode is where you start to see how much they actually like each other. 

Favourite scene

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This is only one line, but I just had to include a clip of it because it’s far too funny. I love when Schmidt fully embraces that he’s Jewish, it’s not something you often see in TV shows, definitely not 10 years ago away. 

Best quotes and one liners

SCHMIDT: You’re gonna take me down? I had figure skating lessons until I was 13, and then my mom sobered up and realized I was a boy.

CECE: Why does it say “Cecilia Number 5”? 

SCHMIDT: Actually, it says that because… you know, I made it specifically for you. Yeah, I found this place on Third Street where you can design your own perfume. Base notes of cocoa because of your brown, uh… ness. Sea salt, because it kind of sounds like Cece. Uh, and sandalwood… Sandalwood… always up to no good.

NICK: Come on, Paul! It’s Christmas! Don’t break up with her… 

JESS: Hey, Nick… It’s okay.

NICK: Excuse me, we got a girl out here who’d really like to see the lights! Sorry to wake you! This is rude! Make it the Candy Cane Lane or whatever! You spend all this time to show off and do it, so show off… you got an audience! This whole neighborhood is ridiculous! You all show off, so turn on the lights! Just go in the shed or whatever and turn your damn lights on, you show-offs!

Best musical moment

I love that the episode ends with Zooey Deschanel singing a Christmas song. It’s a very nice touch.

Final thoughts and fun facts

It’s always a bit weird to see the characters in settings that aren’t the loft or where they work. Especially when it’s filled with random extras, the majority of this show is just the core four plus Cece.

Nick missing his flight just so Jess can see the Christmas lights is so freaking cute. It gets even better when he shouts at the houses to turn their lights on. I love him so much.

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