Re-Watch Review: Superstore S1-EP2

Episode synopsis

S1 EP2 – Magazine Profile: A reporter is supposed to be writing a piece on the store, but focuses more on Jonah; Garrett tries to avoid being photographed; Cheyenne asks her boyfriend to write a corporate jingle.


America Ferrera…Amy

Ben Feldman…Jonah

Lauren Ash…Dina

Colton Dunn…Garrett

Nico Santos…Mateo

Nichole Sakura…Cheyenne

Mark McKinney…Glenn

Johnny Pemberton…Bo

Josh Fadem…Photographer

Eliza Coup…Cynthia

Kaliko Kauahi…Sandra

Best character

I don’t really know who to choose for this episode because everyone has a lot of funny moments, but if I really had to pin it down I’d have to pick Mateo. He has the funniest lines and it’s funny how he tried to pimp himself out to the female journalist in order to get in the magazine despite the fact that he’s gay. 

I also have to give a special mention to Garrett. He really didn’t want to be in any photos but as soon as he saw the photographer not wanting to take Glenn’s picture he changed his mind. It’s a rare moment of Garrett being considerate and it’s nice.

Best supporting character 

This is the first time you get the oh-so-amazing character that is Sandra. I absolutely love her and she’s definitely one of my favourites. This episode is also the first time Dina shouts “shut up Sandra” and this becomes a recurring joke throughout the entire series.

Favourite scene

Garett trying to get away from the magazine photographer because he knows they want him on the cover due to being disabled is so funny. Espeically when he ignores the photographer and the photographer says “are you deaf? Oh my god he’s deaf” and he gets even more excited about getting his picture.

Best quotes and one liners

GARRETT: I would definitely kill a wolf.

AMY: Why are you dressed like you’re going undercover at a high school?

MATEO: You know, I have to say, almost everything works on him. I guess that’s the one benefit of having a face with zero character. 

GLENN: Thank you, Mateo.

CHEYENNE: Not that I know anything, but it’s a little bit, maybe, too… political. I just can’t think of any other corporate jingles that say, “God is a black woman.”

GLENN: Framples! Instead of saying, “free samples,” we should just say, “framples.” 

AMY: That’s a good idea. You should write that one down. 

CYNTHIA No, I’m good. 

AMY: Well, I mean, it’s not a bad idea. 

GLENN: Wait, I have another one! “Shart.” For “shopping cart.”

GLENN: I can’t compete with these geisha features. He looks like a panda and a Disney princess had a baby!

AMY: She’s interested in him because he’s cute, not because of his bad ideas.

JONAH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You think I’m cute? 

AMY: No! I do not think you’re cute. I think you look like a person who is cute.

MATEO: Why would anybody be attracted to Jonah? He looks like a villain on the CW.

Best musical moment

All of Bo’s jingles are so funny and I really wish there were videos of them on Youtube. I especially enjoy “Cloud 9, come inside. Society’s a mirage and sеx is a prison”

Final thoughts and fun facts

I love the Monster’s INC reference at the end where Glenn’s face is covered on the magazine but he’s excited to be on it anyway.

Amy wears a different name tag in each episode. In this episode, her name tag says “Diana”. I think I’m going to mention the different names for every episode as I don’t actually know if they are all unique names.

At the end of every episode, the card for the production company Spitzer Holding Company features a variety of items they specialise in. In this episode, they list Bio-Techonology, Voice Teacher, and the Internet. I’ve never noticed this before, but thanks IMDB for the fact.

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