What I Watched: April 2023

I’ve spent a surprising amount of the month watching things for a person that says that don’t watch much. To be fair, I now have the type of job where I can put shows/YouTube on in the background while I work so I get through a lot that way. However, I have been taking a bit more time to just chill out and watch things for the sake of watching them. It’s been good for me to take a step back from constantly working. 


Now, I actually have something to talk about in this section for once. I’ve watched more films than TV shows this month, shocking I know. My boyfriend and I now do ‘duvet day’ every few weeks or so where we sit on our sofa with a crap ton of snacks, snuggled in our duvet and watch films all day. It’s great and I highly recommend everyone has one of these days at least a few times a year. 

I’m not going to talk about every single film we watched because that would take forever but there are a few standouts. 

Big Hero 6 – Disney+

I’ve put off watching this film since it came out because I knew it would make me cry and well, guess what happened? I cried, but oh not at the part you think where *spoiler* the brother dies. Oh no, I couldn’t care less about him. It was when I thought they’d killed Baymax. I was an absolute mess and it almost destroyed me. Great film though.

Synopsis: A special bond develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who together team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

Prom Pact – Disney+

It’s unusual for me to watch a film as soon as it comes out, but I’ve been trying to use my evenings off to actually relax and this popped up on Disney+. After watching the whole thing I did wonder why it was called ‘prom pact’ as I do not recall a single pact being made, but it was actually quite enjoyable. Potentially worthy of a re-watch. 

Synopsis: It is the height of prom season, but high school senior Mandy Yang has her sights set on a singular goal: attending Harvard. When she finds out she has been deferred, she is determined to do whatever she can to get herself off the waitlist, even if that means asking the one person who represents everything she abhors, all-star jock Graham Lansing, whose father is a powerful senator and Harvard alum.

TV shows

The Sex Lives of College Girls – ITVX

I’d been wanting to watch this show ever since it was all over my Twitter timeline, but I didn’t think I could get it in the Uk without paying for HBO. *Enter ITVX* I had no idea the ITV streaming service was so good. It has tons of great shows and films on there. 

Anyway, I blitzed through both seasons in about two days and I absolutely loved it. It’s definitely the type of show that is so bad it’s good. Every single character was hilarious, well some more than others (I’m looking at you Whitney) and I loved how messy they all were. 

I’m now really hoping it’s been given a season three because I’m definitely not ready for it to be over. Also, I really want Gavin Leatherwood to come back.

Synopsis: Four 18-year-old freshman roommates at Essex College in Vermont. A bundle of contradictions and hormones, these sexually active college girls are equal parts lovable and infuriating.

How I Met Your Father – Disney+

I had absolutely no plans to watch this show, but I was waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work late one night and put it on because it has short episodes. Now, I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t love it. At the time of writing this post I’ve watched about five episodes and it’s ok. My favourite thing is that they live in Lily and Marshall’s old apartment. 

Also, I used to love Hilary Duff, she is still absolutely gorgeous.

Synopsis: Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season two and three – Disney+

I’m way too invested in this show, it’s actually ridiculous. I’d always put off watching it because why would I want to watch a show about kids putting on High School Musical? Well, in my defence I thought it was a reality show when it first got announced. But alas, I’m now obsessed and I watched both seasons in the space of a few days. 

I know a lot of people are big fans of Ricky and Gina together, but I really like her with EJ. I did not care about Ricky at all in season three and EJ was definitely the better choice. She was being a bit ridiculous about him not spending much time with her. It was only a couple days, come on. 

Saying that, I do really like all of the characters though and it’s a shame a few of them aren’t really in season three much. That documentary trailer at the end was hilarious though, literally made me laugh out loud. 

Synopsis: Set at East High School, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” introduces members of the drama club and their faculty advisers as they work their way toward the opening night of the musicals that they produce. New romances blossom, old friendships are tested to their limits while new ones are formed, rivalries flare, and lives are changed forever as these students discover the transformative power that only high school theatre can provide.


Resident Evil 4: Remake – Jacksepticeye

What a great remake and what a fun series. I will say it’s not a playthrough for those who haven’t played the game before though as Sean kept talking about things that were going to happen, so it has major spoilers.

I’m such a big Resident Evil fan, however, controversially this isn’t one of my favourites. It’s probably the third or fourth. 

I had so much fun watching these daily uploads and it really made me miss when Sean would do big games like this all the time. There are some good games coming soon though, so hopefully he plays some of them.

Dead Space: Remake – Cynthetic

I’m currently making my way through Cyn’s Dead Space playthrough to see if I actually like the game or not. She’s more of a slow-paced player as this is her first playthrough and she actually reads the documents (I’m looking at you Mr Septiceye). She started out on impossible, which more power to her, I love that she plays games on the hardest difficulty. 

I will always recommend Cyn to anyone who is looking for a thorough and well-paced playthrough. She is my best YouTube find, possibly of all time and she’s definitely one of my favourite lets players. 

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