Book Confessions: Tropes I love #2

I never thought I’d enjoy thinking about different tropes in such detail, but I’m really enjoying writing these posts. 

Magic academy 

This is probably the most cringe-worthy trope to admit to liking, but I love it. I’m not entirely sure why. Is it weird to like this as a 24-year-old? Probably. However, and I know they are terrible so please don’t judge me, but I’ve been enjoying the Zodiac Academy series and well the trope is pretty much in the name. 

This definitely all started with everyone’s childhood favourite, which will not be named for certain reasons I am sure you are all aware of. The idea of a boarding school, something that I am not at all familiar with, is quite interesting. Especially if you throw in magic as well. 

This kind of mixes with the boarding school trope (more on that in a future post potentially) and I love it. I’ve always been interested in boarding schools, I never wanted to actually attend one, but the idea of them is super cool. Well in books and TV media, they are probably pretty boring in real life.  

It is also one of the biggest tropes you see in Kindle unlimited books, and because I use that quite a lot I have found myself naturally gravitating towards them. It also doesn’t help that they always have stunning covers that catch my eye. 

This is the type of tope which I am sure I will outgrow quite soon (well probably not but let’s pretend). So, please tell me I’m not the only person who enjoys these types of books. 

The chosen one

This one is a little bit of a grey area for me. I like ‘the chosen one’ but only when it is done well. A lot of ‘chosen one’ characters are either far too arrogant or completely helpless. Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with arrogant characters, I love when characters have a sense of self-worth. However, I do understand why a lot of people don’t like this trope. 

My definite favourite series for this trope is The Lunar Chronicles. Cinder is an excellent example of a humble ‘chosen one’. You really can’t help but love her character. I’ve recently done a re-read (read my review of Cinder here) and while my brain is a bit foggy on the rest of the series, I do remember her being the type to take things in her stride and make the most out of a bad situation. She’s definitely a great leader. 

There is one particular book with this trope, I will not name it for certain reasons, is one of the most popular books with this trope, and I did love them. However, the main character is one of the worst characters in that series. But I like them because they are, to an extent, aware of this. In one of the later books, they point out that they were only able to achieve such incredible things because of the help other characters provided. 

This trope only works well when the ‘chosen one’ is self-aware. They need to know that on their own they’d be rubbish and it’s the help of others around them that makes them successful. There are a few examples of excellent chosen ones who are like this and these are the stories that I love. 

Fated soulmates

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I actually really enjoy this trope from time to time. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily love it but I definitely like it. 

I love the idea that two people were always made to be together and that no matter what happens they will always find each other. So cute! Is it super sad and soppy for me to like this? Probably, but I do think it’s really nice sometimes. 

This is another trope that only works well in a fantasy setting. If I ever come across a modern-day romance where they say they are fated because of their star signs I think I will literally vomit. I hate stuff like that, but you tell me someone put a spell on two people to make sure they meet. I will eat that up. 

I find anything to do with fate in books really interesting. Especially when the two characters are trying everything in their power to change it, but they cannot deny the sexual tension that is very clear between them.

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