Re-Watch Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty S1-EP1

Episode synopsis

S1 EP1 – Summer House: Belly, her brother, and mom head to Cousins beach to stay with Susannah Fisher and her sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. These two close families have spent every summer together. But this summer in Cousins is different.


Lola Tung…Belly

Jackie Chung…Laurel

Rachel Blanchard…Susannah

Christopher Briney…Conrad

Gavin Casalegno…Jeremiah

Sean Kaufman…Steven

Alfredo Narciso…Cleveland

Minnie Mills…Shayla

David Iacono…Cam

Summer Madison…Nicole

Rain Spencer…Taylor

Best character

It would be wrong to not award the best character to Belly when this is the first episode of her show. Well, the show isn’t just about her but she is the main character. She’s so likeable and wow Lola Tung is one charismatic actor. I really like her. If you get the chance to listen to the audiobook version of The Summer I Turned Pretty, Lola is narrating it, and it is so flipping good. 

Best supporting character 

Is it bad to give this to Shayla despite the fact she didn’t say a single word? I have to get it out there straight away that Minnie Mills who plays her is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen in my life. Like literally stunning. It’s very shallow of me I know, but I do actually really like her character.

Favourite scenes

*I do not own the rights to any videos in this post, no copyright infringement was intended. All rights go to the production studio*

I can really relate to this scene. I am Belly singing far too loud in the car and her family are exactly how mine are. I’m the type of person who can’t just sit and listen to music, I need to dramatically sing and act it out. Apparently Belly does this too. 

The boys seeing Belly for the first time in over a year is really something. I’d never read the books before watching this and even my heart stopped when Conrad walked on screen for the first time. Then the pool part, ugh.

The tension when Conrad says “What’ll you give me if I do?”. This is the moment I fell in love with Conrad Fisher. Apparently, I love the dark brooding type. 

Usually, something like this would be really creepy and cringe, but the look on Conrad’s face. That boy is in deep.

Best quotes and one liners

BELLY: And you better take this game against the guys seriously. I mean, team pride is on the line, Taylor. 

TAYLOR: Please. You know me better than that. I would never let a boy beat me at anything.

CONRAD: I liked you better with glasses. 

BELLY: Too bad. I like me better without them.

STEVEN: It’s all about the lean look now. Otherwise, you can’t wear tailored suits.

STEVEN: A-a couple months ago you had a cat funeral. You made us all wear black. 

BELLY: Shut up, Steven. I saw you crying in your room. 

JEREMIAH: Wait, Mochi died? Dang. I’m sorry, Bells.

BELLY: I thought you said smoking pot changes the way your brain processes information. CONRAD: So does your cell phone. 

BELLY: You said marijuana messes with white matter. Do you even know what white matter is? You said our brains are still developing and that… 

CONRAD: God, do you memorize every single thing that I’ve ever said? 

BELLY: [scoffs] Get over yourself.

CAM: I’m Cam. Cameron. 

JEREMIAH: Your name is Cam Cameron?

Most iconic outfit 

In the opening scene, Taylor wears a really cute strappy top and the reason why I want to mention it here is because it is the exact same pattern as Belly’s bed cover.

Best musical moments

The show opens with Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift and what a great first impression to make. This episode has such a great soundtrack it features not only Cruel Summer and Lover by Taylor Swift but also Brutal and One Step Forward, Three Steps Back by Olivia Rodrigo. So good.

Steven singing in the shower is completely iconic. Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip of it anywhere, but it’s great. Trust me.

Final thoughts and fun facts

The first time I watched this I hadn’t read any of the books yet. I had no idea if I’d actually like it and I won’t lie, the fact that the main character is called Belly is what put me off. I thought this would be more annoying than it is, but in hindsight I actually really like it. 

Belly is far too relatable, shoving a huge handful of crisps into her mouth in the middle of a store. Love it.

I didn’t realise the significance of Junior Mint until I’d read the first book and watched this a second time. The scene where Belly goes into her room and talks about him with Jeremiah made me smile. 

Belly has her hair in a ponytail when stopping at a store during the trip to Cousin’s Beach. After meeting a boy in the store she lets it loose before getting in the car again, only to wear it in a ponytail again inside the car and once again loose when they arrive at Susannah’s house. I love a good continuity error. 

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