Re-Watch Review: New Girl S1-EP15

Episode synopsis

S1 EP15 – Injured: When Nick is hurt playing a game of touch football and Jess discovers he doesn’t have insurance, she brings him to her doctor friend – an OB-GYN. The gang rallies together and Nick evaluates his life when his seemingly innocuous back injury may prove to be more serious than thought.


Zooey Deschanel…Jess Day

Jake Johnson…Nick Miller

Max Greenfield…Schmidt

Lamorne Morris…Winston Bishop

Hannah Simone…Cece Parekh

June Diane Raphael…Dr. Sadie

Best character

Jake Johnson was incredible in this episode so I’m obviously going to choose Nick. He managed to express so many emotions in such a short episode. 

Favourite scenes

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I hate the medical parts of this video, but the other bits are very funny. 

Best quotes and one liners

SCHMIDT: Nick, go out ten yards, cut left. Winston, go long, post right. Jess, go down, out towards the parking lot. Get in the car. We’ll meet you back at the loft. 

JESS: Oh, very funny. You’re a comedian, Schmidt.

NICK: Please go far from me right now. I can taste my spine.

JESS: Are you sure you’re okay? You’re walking like a Disney witch.

SCHMIDT: I thought my lifestyle choices would rub off on him. I tried to set a good example. Treat your body like a temple. Treat your body like a temple. But he treats his like a dump. Like a dump!

SCHMIDT: I wish I could trade places with you, ’cause you know what, Nick? I would do it in a second. But I’m also glad that I can’t.

NICK: Hey, I’ve done things. I wrote half a book about zombies.

SCHMIDT: I have tons of wallet chains you can borrow.

Best musical moment

Final thoughts and fun facts

This is actually one of my least favourite episodes because medical/illness things in shows freak me out. I’m a big baby and I hate that type of stuff. If I wasn’t reviewing every episode, I’d probably skip this one in my binge, but it would be weird if I didn’t include it.

Nick talks twice about a Fredo kiss throughout the episode. This is a reference to The Godfather II, where Michael kisses his brother Fredo on the mouth.

When Nick holds up his sandwich bag “wallet” after getting the ultrasound, you see what is clearly a bank card in it. Nick isn’t supposed to have any bank accounts during this point in the series because he doesn’t “believe in” banks.

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