Re-Watch Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty S1-EP3

Episode synopsis

S1 EP3 – Summer Nights: It’s Belly’s birthday, her best friend, Taylor, arrives to celebrate. Conrad’s friendship with Cleveland grows while the friendships between Belly, Taylor and the Fisher Boys are tested. Laurel and Susannah’s secret finally comes to light.


Lola Tung…Belly

Jackie Chung…Laurel

Rachel Blanchard…Susannah

Christopher Briney…Conrad

Gavin Casalegno…Jeremiah

Sean Kaufman…Steven

Alfredo Narciso…Cleveland

Minnie Mills…Shayla

David Iacono…Cam

Summer Madison…Nicole

Rain Spencer…Taylor

Best character

I love Jeremiah in this episode. My favourite thing he does is when he shouts ‘Belly’ in a high pitched voice when he’s drunk. It’s so cute. I also love when he does the karaoke (clip below). I know I’m not going to like his character for long because of what happens in the books, so I’m going to enjoy cute golden retriever Jeremiah while I can.

Favourite scenes

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I love the opening of every episode, especially the flashback parts. There’s something very cosy and comforting about them. 

The gift opening scene is great, Chris Briney (Conrad) did a really great job. Especially when he’s looking apprehensive about giving Belly her birthday present, it’s very subtle which is why it’s really good.

I couldn’t find a clip of it, but I love the scene where they are playing volleyball in the pool and Taylor hits the ball off Nicole’s face. Honestly, same. 

This is also technically a best musical moment, so I’m taking that section out of this post. I absolutely love this scene, but if I was Belly, I would have died of embarrassment.

Best quotes and one liners

BELLY: Look, she’s my best friend in the world, but, um, I mean, you know how Taylor is. She’s like a hurricane. 

JEREMIAH: Oh, yeah, yeah. Hurricane Taylor. 

BELLY: I guess I always feel like the supporting character around her, which, normally, I don’t mind. 

JEREMIAH: But it’s your birthday, and you’re the main character, Belly, not her.

CONRAD: It’s rabbits and trees, man.

TAYLOR: Let’s go inside and look at ourselves in the mirror some more. 

CONRAD: Yeah, have fun with that.

LAUREL: Belly’s allowed to kiss, but that’s it [laughs] 

BELLY: Mom, please. No. You’re so not funny. No more wine for you, okay?

LUKE: [laughs] Queerbaiter.

JEREMIAH: No, Luke, I’m just equal opportunity.

TAYLOR: There’s more than one story happening here, but you seem to only care about the one where you’re the main character.

BELLY: [about Jeremiah] He flirts with everyone. Susannah likes to joke that he’s like a-a golden retriever.

BELLY: At least he remembered infinity. Doesn’t he know, for him, I would’ve travelled endlessly around those curves?

BELLY: I’ve wished for Conrad on every birthday, every shooting star, every penny in a fountain. What if now I have the power to make my wish come true? Is Conrad still my wish?

Most iconic outfit 

I didn’t enjoy Midsommar, shocking I know, but I loved the flower headbands Susannah gets for Belly’s birthday dinner. If anything it reminded me of 2012/2013 when everyone was obsessed with wearing them.

Final thoughts and fun facts

I’m really not a big Taylor fan, I hated her in the first book and she’s quite the brat in this episode. She’s clearly very jealous of how much more confident Belly is now. 

The bi-representation in this episode was done very well. There was no tiptoeing around the subject or even any judgement from any of the characters, which isn’t something you see often in media. It makes me very happy. 

I wish I got Mickey Mouse pancakes for my birthday breakfast every year. 

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