Re-Watch Review: Superstore S1-EP9

Episode synopsis

S1 EP9 – All-Nighter: The staff are waiting for a truck to deliver new Cloud 9 signs that they’ll have to hang by morning until Glenn announces that the truck is delayed and they’re locked in the store for the entire night.


America Ferrera…Amy

Ben Feldman…Jonah

Lauren Ash…Dina

Colton Dunn…Garrett

Nico Santos…Mateo

Nichole Sakura…Cheyenne

Mark McKinney…Glenn

Kaliko Kauahi…Sandra

Best character

It obviously has to be Glenn purely because of his massive work rant. It’s a little sad to his usual positive outlook on life shattered, but it’s too funny. 

Favourite scenes

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Best quotes and one liners

GARRETT: Attention, Cloud 9 shoppers, the store has been closed for 20 minutes. Many of us would like to leave. So, if you’re still in the store, you’re being a dіck. Don’t be a dіck.

DINA: Birds, it’s Mommy. Listen up. Scout, Taffy, FDR, Pikachu, you guys are in charge, so act like the leaders I know that you are. Now, cockatoos, I assume you can’t hear me right now since you should all be asleep already. [Cuckles] Okay, heads down. [Clears throat] ♪ Too la loo ra loo ral ♪ ♪ Too la loo ra li ♪

GLENN: They say the old signs were this pale, outdated colour called “Glossy Dolphin.” The new ones are a bold, exciting colour called “Glossy Dolphin B.”

GARRETT: What a unique experience it must be, moving around a store on wheels.

CHEYENNE: Part of me’s glad I missed the recital. I’ve been looking forward to my senior dance since sixth grade, and it would’ve sucked to just sit there and watch. I’m not saying that I regret this baby. I just wish that I’d had it later… or sooner, like a lot of my friends.

DINA: Can you make me look like her? 

MATEO: Like a black woman? I’m not a witch.

AMY: I can’t believe I have to take a midterm on zero sleep and totally hungover. 

JONAH: College. 

AMY: [Scoffs] Yep, college.

Final thoughts and fun facts

Most of the cast and crew of the show have said this is their favourite episode (I agree, it’s a great one). It was inspired by the filming of the pilot. The cast and crew were filming all night in a functioning K-Mart and were going stir-crazy by 4 AM. They started goofing around to amuse themselves and creator Justin Spitzer thought it would make a great episode. 

Episode nine is the first instance of the running gag of something happening to Glenn’s car. This time it is stolen.

Amy’s name tag is ‘Elana’ in this episode.

At the end of every episode, the card for the production company Spitzer Holding Company features a variety of items they specialize in. In this episode, they list Real Estate, Wetware Technologies, and Rare Gemstones.

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