Re-Watch Review: Superstore S1-EP10

Episode synopsis

S1 EP10 – Demotion: Following an awkward conversation with Dina about her feelings, a panicked Jonah claims he would date her if she wasn’t his supervisor. Dina goes to Glenn and asks for a demotion, leaving Jonah in the awkward position of trying to break up with her in a non-confrontational way. 


America Ferrera…Amy

Ben Feldman…Jonah

Lauren Ash…Dina

Colton Dunn…Garrett

Nico Santos…Mateo

Nichole Sakura…Cheyenne

Mark McKinney…Glenn

Josh Lawson…Tate

Sean Whalen…Sal

Jon Barinholtz…Marcus

Kaliko Kauahi…Sandra

Best character

It’s Sandra again. Purely because she walked into a door and then apologised to it. 

Favourite scene

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Best quotes and one liners

GARRETT: I didn’t know Dina was into fancy little porcelain doll-men.

AMY: You know, she did mention a few weeks ago that her grandmother was sick. 

JONAH: Oh, that’s great! No, I didn’t mean… No, it’s, uh… I was just saying, you know, like, if I get that age, somebody put a bullet in me. [chuckles]

AMY: I don’t want to be Assistant Manager. 

GLENN: But you didn’t even look out the window. 

AMY: I know. Look, I really appreciate the offer, I do. But it’s basically more work for the same amount of money.

GLENN: Since when have you been in this for the money? 

AMY: Pretty much from day one.

MATEO: I’m working on my presentation for assistant manager. I want to show them that I have the strength of a lion, the intelligence of a dolphin, and the determination of a worker ant. And this is just what I look like on a rabbit. 

GARRETT: I’m sold, but… what are you gonna do for the talent portion of the interview? MATEO: Talent portion? 

GARRETT: I see we got some work to do.

GLENN: Amy! Are you leaving or just peeing? 

AMY: Leaving. 

GLENN: Okay. Just wanted to know if I should wait.

Final thoughts and fun facts

This episode has the first appearance of Marcus, who I actually really like because he’s just so weird. He also tries really hard to make everyone like him and it’s a little sad.

Amy wears a different name tag in each episode. In this episode, her name tag says “Molly”.

At the end of every episode, the card for the production company Spitzer Holding Company features a variety of items they specialize in. In this episode, they list Aerospace, Krav Maga, and Polyfibers.

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