Re-Watch Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty S1-EP6

Episode synopsis

S1-EP6 – Summer Tides: Taylor comes back to town to play in the Cousins Beach charity volleyball tournament, and to help Belly, who’s caught between Conrad and Jeremiah. When a yacht party with the debs ends in disaster, Belly’s decision between the brothers becomes clear. Steven finds himself in over his head with Shayla’s wealthy friends, and Cleveland helps Conrad through an emotional moment.


Lola Tung…Belly

Jackie Chung…Laurel

Rachel Blanchard…Susannah

Christopher Briney…Conrad

Gavin Casalegno…Jeremiah

Sean Kaufman…Steven

Alfredo Narciso…Cleveland

Minnie Mills…Shayla

Summer Madison…Nicole

Rain Spencer…Taylor

Connor Hammond…Liam

Kelsey Rose Healey… Dara

Nicole Marie Johnson…Clarissa

Lilah Pate…Gigi

Shea Pritchard…Trevor

Jocelyn Shelfo …Marisa

Best character

It’s gotta go to Conrad again. Firstly because Chris Briney looks absolutely gorgeous in this episode and secondly because Conrad is just a joy. He’s a lot happier and more like his normal self. It’s great that he finally admits to Belly how he feels, but I hate how it plays out. Let’s not talk about the end of the episode (until later in this post) because it makes me want to cry. God this show has such a hold on me.

Best supporting character 

I’m going to give it to Cleveland in this episode because of how he helped Conrad when he was having a panic attack. He’s actually very kind and I really like his character. 

Favourite scenes

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Any scene where Conrad is acting like a nervous wreck around Belly is instantly my favourite. The moment he asks her to the ball makes me heart melt as he looks so scared of what she will say. 

I love the whole volleyball tournament as it’s so fun, but the parts with Belly and Conrad are definitely the best. Belly getting so annoyed with Jeremiah that she subs in Conrad is so funny. I love bossy Belly and their dynamic is so much better. They are so cute.

Just rip my heart out, it would hurt less. Honestly, I love this scene because Conrad is being so sincere and vulnerable, but my god does it make me sad. 

Best quotes and one liners

SUSANNAH: Connie, you know how much it’ll mean to her if it’s you. You’re her Prince Charming, and we all know it.

CONRAD: I’m sorry. 

BELLY: For being cheesy?

CONRAD: For being a jerk the other day and pretending like I don’t remember when I remember everything. I just keep replaying it over and over again in my head.

Apparently this is not a great episode for good quotes. There’s quite a lot of montage style scene though, so fair enough. 

Final thoughts and fun facts

The very first thought I have about this episode is how much I hate Nicole. How pathetic do you need to be to dare someone to skinny dip and then drive off with their clothes. Especially when the person you’ve done it to is a 16 year old girl. 

If Jeremiah wasn’t such a scheming little brat I’d actually feel a bit sorry for him in this episode. He clearly actually likes Belly, but he goes about it in the wrong way. They definitely have chemistry, and in the beginning, I didn’t hate them together. But now I do. No hate to Gavin though, he did a great job.

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  1. It’s so fun to read this, because I actually just finished the first three episodes of season 2 today. It’s so crazy how much the characters have already changed. Have you watched it yet?

    • Ah thank you! Yes I have. I’m really enjoying it so far, I hope you are too. The characters have definitely changed a lot already, but it’s great to see them developing. I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

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