Graphic Novel Review: Lore Olympus Volume One by Rachel Smythe


Scandalous gossip, wild parties, and forbidden love—witness what the gods do after dark in this stylish and contemporary reimagining of one of mythology’s most well-known stories from creator Rachel Smythe. Featuring a brand-new, exclusive short story, Smythe’s original Eisner-nominated web-comic Lore Olympus brings the Greek Pantheon into the modern age with this sharply perceptive and romantic graphic novel.


I’ve been telling myself I would read this for the longest time and I’m so happy I’ve finally done it. Greek mythology is one of my favourite topics and a beautiful graphic novel based around it, perfection. Well, not pure perfection as I wouldn’t rate it five stars, but it was pretty good.

I always have to start graphic novel reviews talking about the art style. I am in love with this style. It is absolutely gorgeous. I’m such a huge fan of graphic novels with a mostly monochromatic palette.  

The character designs were also absolutely stunning and so unique. Each character had such a distinct look and the facial expressions were top-notch. Having the characters be pretty much one colour with just tiny details of secondary colour was surprisingly eye-catching.

This is such a fun take on classic Greek mythology stories. They’re always my favourite types of retellings and this is a really interesting one. The story of Hades and Persephone is one of my favourite mythologies and I can already tell I’m going to love this one. 

It does have some scenes that could be quite distressing for some readers though so do make sure you read the content warnings before you start reading. None of it is outright graphic and you don’t actually see anything, but it is heavily implied.

One thing that I really loved about Lore Olympus was how large the text was. Now this probably sounds a bit ridiculous but in the past, I’ve had to zoom in on the text because it wasn’t very readable, but this text is huge – probably down to the fact that I read it on an iPad. It was just so clean.

Not much has happened with the story yet, so I can’t really comment on any specific elements, but I’m hoping that changes in the next volume. Which I am planning to read. I enjoyed the entire reading experience and I can’t wait to see just how gorgeous the next volume is.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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