What I Watched: August 2023

I had so many anticipated releases in August and they did not disappoint. However, other than these, I didn’t watch much else. I went on a couple of trips to see different family members, so I didn’t have a lot of time to watch TV. Also, I’ve been in the mood to do re-watch reviews and when that happens, I have to dedicate as much time to them as possible, otherwise, they won’t get done. 


Red, White & Royal Blue

Perfection. I laughed. I cried. I instantly wanted to watch it again. It was absolutely worth the wait. 

This is 100% my new comfort film. It brought me insane amounts of joy and I’m definitely going to read the book again before the end of the year. 

I relate to Alex on so many levels and it’s so nice to see characters like me. I would like more female characters like this though, please. There aren’t enough. 

Synopsis: Alex Claremont-Diaz, the first son of the United States, and young Prince Henry fall in love. However, considering their high-profile public lives, they must keep their relationship a secret at all costs.

TV shows 

Hearstopper season two

I loved every second. My boyfriend and I binged the entire season the day it came out and I’m already itching to watch it again. It was so good and honestly, the entire show has been pretty much perfect so far. This is what happens when the author writes the screenplay and is fully involved in the making of their adaptation. 

Darcy is probably my favourite character and I loved that she got so much development this season. I’m ridiculously excited for the next season already. 

Synopsis: Season 2 follows the lives of Nick, Charlie and their friends as they face new challenges in life, love and friendship: including a school trip to Paris, a prom and an unwelcome visit from Nick’s homophobic older brother.

The Summer I Turned Pretty season two

So, I’m going to admit something right away…I haven’t finished season two yet. Which is crazy because I was so excited for it, but after finishing the book series, I hate Jeremiah and Belly together. This is making this season a difficult watch for me and seeing Conrad so heartbroken is horrible. 

Also, I’m not sure how I feel about them changing some of the characters. I love that Steven is more of a prevalent character in the show, but I miss Shayla. I don’t hate Taylor, but Shayla is way better.

I am going to finish the season soon, but I really am putting it off right now.

Synopsis: Belly used to count down the days until she could return to Cousins Beach, but with Conrad and Jeremiah fighting over her heart and the return of Susannah’s cancer, she’s not sure summer will ever be the same. When an unexpected visitor threatens the future of Susannah’s beloved house, Belly has to rally the gang to come together—and to decide once and for all where her heart lies.


In August Zoe Sugg daily vlogged as she won’t be doing vlogmas this year, which I’m sad about but she’s having a baby so it would be crazy if she did do it. I’ll miss the festive content, but I have enjoyed ‘vlogust’ so far. I haven’t caught up yet as I went away last weekend, but I’ll be bingeing the rest of them over the next week or so. 

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